People who preach replacement theology teach that God of the Bible has ended His special relationship with he Jewish people. Neither has the modern state of Israel any significance in His plans for the final judgment of the World. Nor will Israel and the Jewish people be in the center of the second coming of His Son.

They tell us that we should not pay to much attention to Israel. Our support of her is based on the same love we share for all nations. We will share our faith in Jesus with the Jewish people, just like with any other people on Earth. The earthly city of Jerusalem is of no importance to God, and can therefore be divided without implications in our relationship with God. We should rather focus on the heavenly Jerusalem, which is still unseen, not yet come down to us from Heaven.

Is this teaching Biblical, does it express the will of our Father in Heaven?

Unfortunately not, for those who live in such an terrible error.

God of the Bible is very concerned about Israel. He said that He would gather the Jewish people from all the nations He had scattered them, and bring them back to the land he promised their forefathers as an everlasting homeland. (Ezekiel 36:24). This promise was fulfilled in 1948. Whatever we may think about this, it does not have any impact on the character of God. He can be trusted. (Genesis 17:7-8). That the state of Israel has survived 60 years of constant hostility is by it self a miracle, and the best proof in our days, that there is a living God of Israel fighting for them.

The Zionist movement is colorful. Few of them understand that it is God who has gathered them, and will keep on gathering them home to Israel, to prepare the World for the most awesome moment ever. The return of the Messiah! First, He will come in the clouds of Heaven, and finally make a touch down in Jerusalem.

How do we know the Messiah will end up in Jerusalem?

In Acts 1:11 Two Angels tells the students of Jesus that their Lord shall come back in the same way as He left. He ascended into Heaven from the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

Zechariah 14:4 explains this return in details:
«On that day his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem, and the Mount of Olives will be split in two from east to west, forming a great valley, with half of the mountain moving north and half moving south.

This valley is not there, this has not happened, not yet. «His feet» shall make a touch down. Paul explains that He shall come and kill the wicked one (or lawless one) who sits in the Temple of God claiming to be God. In the New Heavenly Jerusalem there is no need for a touch down, neither to form a new valley, nor will the wicked one have a seat in the Heavenly Jerusalem!!! But be sure. Also the New Heavenly Jerusalem shall come as promised. But first Jesus will pay the earthly Jerusalem a visit. This was the city were He died for our sins, and to the same city He will return to judge all nations.

In Luke 13:35 Jesus explains that the Jewish people shall be surprised that He who has come, is their saviour, their Messiah. They shall face Him in unbelief, and praise Him. In Luke 14:4 Jesus foretold that just before He returns, Jerusalem will be surrounded by armies. All nations will be gathered against Israel, and will be judged for going against the Word of God, who have taught us to bless Israel and help her. The prophet Joel warns us not to divided Zion, Israel, God´s land, and try to scatter the Jewish people. (Joel 3:2). Thats exactly what the UN and all nations are trying to force Israel to do in our generation.

Israel is not innocent, and shall face judgment for her sins and disobedience. But you have no right to judge her, and to go against her. She is not a treat to anyone, and long for peace, safety and security. If you have chosen Israel as your enemy, you have also chosen to fight the only true and living God of the Bible. Please do not do that.

Give your life to the Jewish Messiah. And chose to stand with Israel in all her troubles.