The Christian World in war with Israel

Nations like Jordan, Spain, Venezuela, Belgium and Turkey wants the leadership of Israel to be sent to the International War Crime Tribunal in Haag, accused for crimes against humanity, during the last military operation in Gaza.

No nations, have requested the same tribunal, to persecute the leadership of Hamas, which since 2005 have fired more than 7.000 rockets into civilian targets in Israel.

Would it be to much to demand, that the democratic free world now would stand up and support another democratic and free nation called Israel? It is quite astonishing, that 500 years after the Reformation, the leadership in several Christian countries have lost any sense of the difference between right and wrong. To side with radical Islam against Israel, is like cutting of the head, while trimming the mustache during shaving.

When you read the Bible, you will see that it was God of Israel who gave Joshua the order to terminate the people, who tried to block the tribes of Israel`s entry into the promised land. The same God gave the Kings David and Solomon the orders to protect Zion. Many « innocent » people lost their life in a bid to stop the plans of the God of the Bible.

If Joshua, King David and King Solomon had been present with us on Earth today, they would quite likely have been tried court-arrested, and taken to the tribunal in Haage. This human action would in any legal terms, be to put the blame on the wrong party.

The one who should have been standing in court, was of course God him self! That would be something to cover for CNN and BBC: «The Mother of all legal battles».

Something to reflect on.

Friends of Israel, Goa 19.02.09

9 thoughts on “The Christian World in war with Israel

  1. I never heard that one before. But it is indeed entirely possible that Joshua, King David and King Solomon, and God himself if he started promoting genocide, would have been send to the ICC for crimes against humanity if they were around today. Thank God though they aren’t around today. We have enough crimes against humanity at our hands as it is.
    I don’t understand your point. Do you think anybody should be except from justice as long as they are working for the divine?

    1. Dear Sandra.

      Even if we like it or not, The God of Israel has been dealing with His enemies in quit forceful ways. The reason is very simple. We have an enemy of evil, that will always oppose God`s plan for salvation of every human being on the face of the Earth. God is Holy, I am not. How do i bridge the gap? The good news is that I do not have to. God solved the problem by sending His only Begotten Son, to die for my sins at Calvary Hill in Jerusalem.

      The evil powers of darkness will do everything it can, to destroy God`s tools for bringing into this World the knowledge of sins, and the only way for sinners to escape God`s wrath. He chose to use the Jewish people. My Messiah was a perfect Jew. He came to pay for my sins, your sins and the sins for the whole World. All the violence, hate and ungodliness we now see, has surfaced because the Messiah is about to return. This time He will not come as a perfect Passover lamb, sharing his blood for us. Soon He will return as The Lion of Judah, who will bring in the final Judgment.

  2. By the way that war with the christian world is some wishful thinking on your part. Israel is firmly supported the by christian world. You should talk to the born against christians here in the States. They are as nuts as you wish them to be, talking about the apocalypse and how Israel is needed to welcome the second coming of christ, you would be proud. However, a couple of people are indeed waking up to the fact that this dragging middle east conflict is somehow linked to a lot of misery in other places in the world. Since Israel doesn’t seem to be able to solve it, and another people that Israel doesn’t even to bother to recognize as another people, is being abused in the process. What do you suggest? It is funny actually that the christians are always the last to wake up to ongoing human right abuses. They couldn’t care less in nazi germany, and they couldn’t care less about the fate of the palestinians. It is a sorry situation. So much for religion. Which is not surprising, considered that the birthplace of three major religions has deteriorated into one of the worst and most hateful places in the world.

    1. Dear Sandra.

      I want to thank your for a reflective reply, with a lot of interesting points.

      You wrote:

      The christians are always the last to wake up to ongoing human right abuses. They couldn’t care less in nazi germany, and they couldn’t care less about the fate of the palestinians.

      My comments:

      I do not agree with you. The Christians are very concerned about the «Palestinians». While their Arab brothers have left them high and dry, neither giving them citizenship, nor education, religious freedom, The Christian World has offered them all of this.

      You your self is most likely sitting in a safe place in a free and democratic nation, writing this blog. If you had been living in a nations among the enemies of Israel, you might not be able to express your self freely.

      Millions of persecuted Muslims, who have been persecuted by their own brothers, have left the Middle East and the Muslim World. Iranians, people from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

      Where have they settled?

      They have all been allowed to settle in the Western free, Christian and Democratic World.

      Inside the place where you most likely will call «The West Bank», which I call Judea and Samaria: What kind of freedom do you find there among the Muslims?

      Is this the kind of society you would like to live in as a woman?

      Please reflect on this.

      The people who have given most aid to Arabs and persecuted Muslims in need, are in fact devoted and committed Christians. It happens in Gaza as we speak today.

      Do the people of Gaza need Hamas to rule them, or do they need to be set free from such Yokes as Hamas, so they could enjoy the same rights that you have?

      Who gave you the freedoms you enjoy?

      Is not all the constitutions and secular laws of all the free and democratic nations based up on the Law of Moses, and the teachings of the Jewish Messiah?

      In our days of evil, all true Christians cries out to our God, Lord Jesus of Nazareth, that He will come back and bring an end to all the sufferings of the World.

      Before He comes, we shall all do our best to help people of all different faiths in the Middle East.

  3. yes, it is always the strategy to deflect attention to the arab nations surrounding you. As if that makes it ok what israel is doing to them. I do not agree with human right violations in the Arab world and I do not agree with human rights violations that are done to the Palestinians. I still think that the christians, at least in the US, care the least of all for the Palestinians. In the same way that the christians during the nazi period failed drastically in coming to the aid of the Jewish people. It seems that the Christians are always coming late and then have to apologize for it.
    Thank you though for allowing me to post here. I do appreciate that. I find the whole situation very, very sad.

    1. Thanks again Sandra.

      Yes, its true that many Christians responded very late, when the Jews were under persecution by the Nazis. But this were very difficult times in Europe. In 1940, Hitler took control over most of the European continent. It was no longer possible to move freely. Before the US invasion of Italy in 1943, the Christians in the US was also quite helpless in this regards. Anyhow, in 1940 it might already have been to late.

      The fight was already lost in 1933, when the Germans let Hitler come to power. The Church, and in particular the apostate religious system of Rome, was a complete failure in its relations with the Nazi-regime. Also many protestant Churches closed their eyes to the sufferings of the Jewish people. But, there are many stories about Christian families who stood up for the Jewish people during World War II. Many Jews in Denmark escaped the Holocaust, hidden away by Christians from the clutches of Berlin, until they could run away to neutral Sweden. The Christian Danish King did oppose Hitler. Already in the spring of 1940, the king told the Nazi-leadership that he also would put on a Magen David on his jacket, if Berlin demanded all Jews in Denmark to were such a mark on their clothing.

      There might be conservative Christians in the US, that do not care for the Arabs, and in particular the Arab Muslims who claim a homeland in Judea and Samaria. I personally fell that you should not look towards what human beings are doing, or not doing, but judge the present situation based on the Word of God, found in the Bible. The Jewish Messiah did not permit any of his followers to harm anyone. Thats the truth. Neither Jews, not Muslims. He came with the message of love and forgiveness for sins through His death on the cross, resurrection from the dead, and a free gift of eternal life in the Kingdom of heaven. I have chosen to put my faith in Him. Not in men. I agree with you: The situation is very, very sad. My hope is therefore found in the Messiah alone.

  4. yes it is true that christianity does not advocate violence and hatred, while christians are perfectly capapble of both. If Christians would really follow Christ, they would have compassion with the Palestinians that are living stateless at the moment. I don’t blame Christianity for this, but the hypocrisy of the so called Christians that claim to be Christian but don’t love the other. They only love those they identity with, namely other christians and jews. Which is a lot easier than loving those that are very different from themselves. They see muslims as radically different, so they aren’t waisting their love on muslims. The message of christ however is to love the other, not the same. If jesus came back today, he would become a peace activist, trying to find a fair solution for everybody.
    Anyway, thank you for responding. I still don’t think Israel has to worry about the Christian world. It’s the muslims that have to worry about the christian world.

  5. Dear Sandra.

    You might not agree with me, but have you ever reflected on this:

    Any man who claims to Christian, and have not followed the teaching of His Master, might rather be a «False Christian»

    You might have a New Testament. Just read: Matthew 7: 21-23.

    In my view, nobody who claim to be Christian can harm a Jew or a Muslim. True Christians will always stand with the Jewish people in their trouble. And every true Christian will try to help Muslims being persecuted by other Muslims. Just like true Christians are doing in the civil war zone of Gaza.

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