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Jordan: Israel provoking Muslims in Jerusalem

Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Hayel Dawood claim Israeli authorities “allowing Zionist extremists to enter Al Aqsa Mosque”. His remarks came in a statement carried by the Jordan News Agency, Petra. On Monday morning, Jewish extremists stormed into Al Aqsa Mosque, hoisted the Israeli flag at King Faisal Gate, one of the gates of … Continue reading

Jordanian king: “Arab spring” in Ramallah if peace efforts fail

In interview with Asharq al-Awsat, Abdullah says ‘fading prospects of peace will explode relations between Palestinians, Israelis in a manner emulating Arab Spring protests’‬‬. Jordan’s King Abdullah said Syria’s war could ignite a regional sectarian conflict unless global powers helped to convene peace talks soon, a pan-Arab newspaper reported on Wednesday. King Abdullah also said … Continue reading

Jordanian parliament calls to expel Israeli ambassador

Members of lower house of parliament unanimously demand that government ask Israeli ambassador to leave Jordan.‬‬ The MP’s also demand a recall of Jordanian ambassador in Tel Aviv due to ‘repeated Jewish settler assaults on Al-Aqsa Mosque’‬‬ Jordan’s MPs on Wednesday unanimously demanded the government expel Israeli Ambassador Daniel Nevo over “the occupation measures” at … Continue reading

Jordan promise to regain East Jerusalem for Islam

Jordan’s has an “historic role in securing the holy sites as well as the Palestinian sovereignty over the West Bank and east Jerusalem”. According to al-Habash, a new agreement was devised in order to coordinate the protection of the al-Aqsa Mosque and all the Muslim and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem. The agreement reiterated Jordan’s … Continue reading

Jordan warns against Israeli measures to Judaise Jerusalem

His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday warned against Israel’s unilateral measures to Judaise Jerusalem, which he said threaten the Islamic and Christian heritage in the city. Jordan warns against Israeli measures to Judaise Jerusalem — His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday warned against Israel’s unilateral measures to Judaise Jerusalem, which he said threaten the Islamic … Continue reading

Jordanian army blew up the Hurva synagogue in 1948

During British rule in Jerusalem the Hurva Synagogue was the most important in Israel. In 1948, the invading Jordanian army blew it up. The Hurva, whose name means «ruin» was initially built by disciples of Rabbi Judah Hahasid in the early 18th century. It was destroyed shortly thereafter by Muslims demanding the return of loans … Continue reading

Bishop of Jordan tells US to abandon Israel

A leading Christian religious leader has accused the US of interfering in the Middle East to protect Israel. The accusations is presented by Auxiliary Bishop and Patriarchal Vicar in Jordan Maroon Lahham. He claims the US is turning a blind eye to the suffering of the Palestinians under Israeli occupation. In a wide-ranging interview with … Continue reading

Man pull a gun in Jordanian TV debate

Why not be wronged? Absolutely not, says this Jordanian. He wants to shoot his opponent. Islam is called the religion of the sword. When an Arab named Muhammad walked on Earth, there were no bullets who could be used to kill. If this false prophet had lived today, he had not demanded that the infidels … Continue reading

Global oil and gas Jihad against Israel

New blast hits Egypt gas pipeline to Jordan and Israel. This Attack is the 14th to hit Sinai since Mubarak’s fall; pipeline remains closed from similar explosion in February. An explosion hit the Egyptian pipeline carrying gas to Israel and Jordan on Monday for 14th time since the uprising against president Hosni Mubarak began last … Continue reading

Israeli expert forced to cancel lecture in Jordan

Hundreds of enraged Jordanian students protest Israeli expert’s participation in conference, succeed in canceling his lecture‬‬. ‪‪Hundreds of Jordanian students rallied outside Amman’s University of Jordan on Thursday in protest of a scheduled lecture by an Israeli expert at a mental health conference. The protesters demanded that Dr. Gideon Anholt’s lecture be canceled and called … Continue reading

100 Jewish leaders endorse peace theater in Jordan

Nearly 100 leaders of US Jewish organizations will travel to Jordan to endorse King Abdullah II’s “peace effort”. Nearly 100 leaders of US Jewish organizations will travel to Jordan Tuesday to meet King Abdullah II and show support for his sponsorship of last month’s low-level Israeli-Palestinian talks. The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish … Continue reading

Israel evacuates embassy in Jordan ahead of protests

“No Zionist embassy on Jordanian territory” Israel tells diplomats in Amman to come home as Face book page calls for protest under the banner:”No Zionist embssy on Jordanian territory”; decision comes days after protesters storm mission in Cairo. Israel evacuated its embassy in Jordan Wednesday evening, hours before a Facebook organized march under the banner … Continue reading

“King of Jordan must submit to Islam”

The Global political acceptance of Radical Islam will lead to the fall of the dictator King of Jordan. Jordan’s opposition Muslim Brotherhood movement on Sunday called for a curtailment of the king’s powers and indicated it might boycott the next general elections if its demands were not met. “The Islamic movement will decide its political … Continue reading

Jordan joins Hamas: “Hail mass murders of Jews”

Jordan’s new justice minister, Hussein Mjali wants to release Arab who murdered seven Jews. Jordan’s new justice minister, Hussein Mjali, on Monday joined protesters in Amman demanding the early release of Jordanian army Corp. Ahmed Daqamseh. He shot dead seven Israeli school girls in 1997 during an outing near Jordan’s border with Israel. Mjali was … Continue reading

Jordan blame Israel for prolonged Arabian revolution

Israel’s obstinacy to peace may further destabilize Mideast. Speaking after meeting with U.S. State Department official, Jordan PM Bakhit says Israel should give up its ‘fortress mentality’ in favor of justice and dignity Israel’s obstinacy in Middle East peace talks could further anger an already volatile Arab public opinion, Jordan’s Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit told … Continue reading

King Abdullah next puppet for Muslim Brotherhood

Jordan’s King Abdullah II met with the Muslim Brotherhood for the first time in nearly a decade. King Abdullah II suddenly consider The Muslim Brotherhood as a political partner. “It is important for them to work together to press political reform that will increase the role of citizens in decision making,” according to a statement … Continue reading

Jordan forces businessmen to cut trade with Israel

Jordan’s Anti-Normalization Committee on Tuesday threatened to publish names of three traders as “normalizes” unless they cut their business ties with Israel. Activists have held meetings with the three businessmen and urged them to stop importing Israeli products or risk having their names published as part of a nationwide campaign to end normal ties with … Continue reading

Arab/Muslim world boiling in rage

Recently, there have been violent riots and clashes in a diverse array of Arab states — Tunisia, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, and now Algeria. These protests are caused by a wide variety of factors but common reasons include a combination of economic desperation, fury over perceived corruption, and a blocked political order. Algeria’s government has already … Continue reading

Good-bye, Jordan. Hello, Eastern Israel

The Jordanian monarch, Abdullah II, recently assured the world that his country has no desire to rule Judea and Samaria, and that the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was the only viable option. Putting in an appearance at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, the king of Jordan made the following statement: “Jordan … Continue reading

Jordanian King threatens Israel with looming war

«Either you give us your land, or there will be another war» This is the message to the Jewish people from King Abdullah of Jordan. The King does not say this with play words. He just play around with the message from President Ahmadinejad, using a more diplomatic language. Like Israel being the reason why … Continue reading

Obama arms the enemies of Israel with advanced weapons

The US has promised to send fresh shipments with anti-ship and antitank missiles as well as so-called smart and bunker-busting bombs to four Arab countries. Israeli officials have expressed concern over the scope and content of several major arms which the Pentagon has recently signed with several Arab states allied with Washington. The receivers of … Continue reading