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Signs in the sky: “Alien face” seen in northern lights

A photographer was shocked to return home and  look at his photos of the northern lights  only to discover signs of an alien’s face  haunting the green sky. Landscape photographer Iurie Belegurschi  captured the sighting by chance in the spectacular Reykjanes peninsula of  Iceland. The colourful stretch of light could be  confused for a cosmic invasion … Continue reading

New Tool May Prove Your Relatives are Aliens

Researchers at MIT and Harvard say they want to find human DNA on Mars to prove that human beings started their lives in outer space. Researchers are developing a tool that would distinguish between microbes that are living or have died within a million years.  They are also looking for DNA and scientist will compare … Continue reading

American Culture Promotes Alien Agenda

What do American movies, the Superbowl and the Grammy Awards all have in common? The promotion of the alien agenda. American Pop culture is pushing the alien theme like there is no tomorrow. Why is there a non-stop alien indoctrination? With 2012 around the corner, and all the nonsense that goes with that, we can … Continue reading

Ex-China Minister: Space Aliens Exist

Shen Shili says there are aliens among us and they look like ordinary people. He blames the West for withholding the truth about aliens from the people. He believes the West’s Judeo-Christian society is at fault.  He claims our religious beliefs hold us back from expanding our social consciousness concerning extraterrestrials. He complains the West … Continue reading

Scientists Think Jesus Became a Space Alien

The journal of  Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society is at it again. Researchers and theologians are discussing the incarnation of Christ. One of the studies released on January 10 noted the impact aliens may have on society depending on if intelligent life was found or simply extraterrestrial  life noted NASA astrobiologist Chris McKay at … Continue reading