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Europe, Obama’s new “banana republic”

U.S. and NATO forced the plane of Bolivia’s president to land in Austria. Bolivian authorities say that Evo Morales private Presidential jet, which was en route from Russia to Bolivia, were refused to fly through French and Portuguese airspace because it was suspected that it spy accused Snowden was on board. The aircraft was therefore … Continue reading

NSA gathering 5 billion cell phone records daily

Washington Post reveals details of location-tracking program. • NSA monitors data of individuals wherever they are in the world The National Security Agency is reportedly collecting almost 5 billion cell phone records a day under a program that monitors and analyses highly personal data about the precise whereabouts of individuals, wherever they travel in the … Continue reading

– Syria expose Obama’s support of al Qaeda

The plan for a military campaign demonstrate that the U.S. is fighting on the same side as Al Qaeda against the Syrian regime. These are the words of Odd Kartsten Tveit, a secular Norwegian senior journalist who has worked with Middle East Issues for more than 30 years. This is recorded by Norwegian media: If … Continue reading

NSA planned to spy on 250 million emails

The US Government targeted about 250 million email communications for collection each year. And under a separate program. The National Security Agency may have unintentionally collected as many as 56,000 emails of Americans per year between 2008 and 2011 in a program that a secret U.S. court subsequently said may have violated U.S. law and … Continue reading

Cameron caught in spygate to support Obama

The Guardian told to destroy NSA files for national security.  Sir Jeremy Heywood made the “request” on instructions of David Cameron. Nick Clegg has endorsed the government’s decision to ask the Guardian to destroy leaked secret NSA documents on the grounds that Britain would face a “serious threat to national security ” if they reached … Continue reading

Japanese minister joins the Nazi whitewash

Japanese Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso referred to Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, which was interpreted as praising the Nazi regime. “Germany’s Weimar constitution was changed before anyone realized,” Aso said in his typically rambling style, according to accounts in various Japanese media. “It was altered before anyone was aware. Why don’t we learn from … Continue reading

Merkel whitewash the US spy-crimes of Obama

‘Intelligence is essential for democracies’, explains German Chanseler Angela Merkel. Merkel stressed that intelligence “has always been and will in future be essential for the security of citizens” of democratic countries. “A country without intelligence work would be too vulnerable,” Merkel said. At the same time, she observed that there must be a “balance between … Continue reading

Desperate Obama blocks army reading The Guardian

US troops deployed to Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Middle East and South Asia have ‘theater-wide block’ to Guardian. The US military has blocked access to the Guardian’s website for troops in the Middle East and south Asia, after disclosures about widespread US surveillance. On Friday, the Pentagon and the US army told the Guardian that … Continue reading

Fight against Fascists ruling the EU government

Socialist minister in France warns against EU President José Manuel Barroso. ” The European Commission and its President José Manuel Barroso are fuelling the National Front in France and other populist groups across Europe” This is according to Arnaud Montebourg, France’s socialist industry minister. Industry minister Arnaud Montebourg’s broadside against EU-imposed austerity policies to cut … Continue reading

Edward Snowden expose the Fascists views of Obama

A former CIA technical worker has been identified by the UK’s Guardian newspaper as the source of leaks about US surveillance programmes. Edward Snowden, 29, is described by the paper as an ex-CIA technical assistant, currently employed by defence contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. The Guardian said his identity was being revealed at his own request. … Continue reading

New global spy center in Utah will monitor you

Government will complete its NAS data storing facility in Utah this October. Concerns about what personal information will be stored there as it emerged the government has been extracting data from big companies. The personal data and private online conversations that the National Security Administration is accused of mining could be stashed in a one … Continue reading

Bilderberg Conference in Watford “too secret”

Watford welcomes some of the most powerful people on the planet for a summit – but the secrecy of the elite meeting is criticised. A gathering of the world’s most powerful people has been slammed for its lack of openness and transparency. The Bilderberg group holds an annual summit to discuss global policy – and this time … Continue reading

The Obamaites spy on all users of the Internet

US spy chief James Clapper has strongly defended the government after revelations of phone records being collected and internet servers being tapped. He said disclosure of a secret court document on phone record collection threatened “irreversible harm”. Revelations of an alleged program to tap into servers of nine internet firms were “reprehensible”, he said. Internet … Continue reading

Leaders in Ankara committing “state terror”

Public sector workers in Turkey are set to start a two-day strike to support the continuing anti-government protests in a number of cities. The left-wing Kesk trade union confederation, representing some 240,000 workers, accused the government of committing “state terror”. Protests and clashes with police continued into the night on Monday. A second death in … Continue reading

Germany wanted to build Millennium kingdom

The “Volkshalle” in Berlin was planned to be the new Dome of the Rock, able to host 180.000 people in “Germania”, the new millennium capital of the World. Few people have focused on the anti-Christian ideology of Nazi-leader Adolf Hitler. In his book “Main Kampf”, you can clearly read about his Millennium vision. Slaughtering the … Continue reading

One World Trade Center on Manhattan

One World Trade Center stands tall on the skyline of New York’s Lower Manhattan. Photo from Hoboken, New Jersey, on September 9, 2012. The price tag for the skyscraper was valued at USD 3.8 billion earlier this year, making it the world’s most expensive new office tower. Most of the cost overruns are due to … Continue reading

The global butcher in the White House

Every Tuesday Obama examine the secret “Kill List”. He orders drones to terminate those who oppose “peace”. This was the enemy, served up in the latest chart from the intelligence agencies: 15 Qaeda suspects in Yemen with Western ties. The mug shots and brief biographies resembled a high school yearbook layout. Several were Americans. Two … Continue reading

Obama cripples Worlds largest news agency

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) taped into 20 telephone lines of The Associated Press (AP) in April and May 2012. This is the warning from Gary Pruitt, president and CEO of The Associated Press: Statement from May 13, 2013 The U.S. Department of Justice notified The Associated Press on Friday, May 10, that it … Continue reading

Pope a global spiritual leader: Ban

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday hailed Pope Francis as “a spiritual leader of the world”. The Secretary General also and emphasized goals of social justice shared between the Vatican and the United Nations. “It is very important to meet a spiritual leader of the world,” Ban said at the start of his meeting … Continue reading

Totalitarian China lift up new “super king”

China has elevated a man capable of supporting the last “global peacemaker”. Mr. Xi has got all the powers. The National People’s Congress anointed Mr. Xi as president four months after he was appointed as Communist Party general secretary and chairman of the Central Military Commission, putting him at the top of all three major … Continue reading

42 per cent in Austria see positive sides of Hitler

Poll finds that 54 per cent think neo-Nazi groups could be successful in Austrian elections if there wasn’t a law banning them. Forty two percent of Austrians think “not everything was bad under Hitler,” while 57 per cent think “there was nothing positive about the Hitler era,” according to a poll conducted by newspaper Der … Continue reading

The mother of all spy devices will catch you

‘Unknown at This Point’ Who’s in Charge of Privacy Policy for Drones in U.S. Skies. – Experts could not answer questions about privacy concerns related to incorporating unmanned aerial vehicles, (UAV) or drones, into U.S. airspace at a House hearing on Friday. Ranking member Dan Maffei (D-N.Y.) asked panelists about privacy concerns during the hearing, … Continue reading

The heads of the emerging new World order

US and EU governments aiming to agree transatlantic free trade pact. Moves within US Congress and 27 member governments to eliminate or minimise barriers to unfettered imports and exports The US and the European Union on Wednesday launched their most ambitious attempt to liberalise transatlantic trade following Barack Obama’s commitment to a new pact outlined … Continue reading

Pope worked for united European Catholic Kingdom

His pontificate Pope John Paul II has consistently preached his vision of a Christian Europe stretching from the Atlantic coast to the Ural Mountains. This is the message from the US Embassy in the Vatican to the State Department in Washington. The cable has been published by Wikileaks.  2002-01-02 16:22 PAGE 02        VATICA  00024  021816Z … Continue reading

Obama and EU’s man i Cairo new Hitler of Egypt

Like Adolf Hitler did, Muhammad Mursi passes a decree setting a side the Court system, the parliament and the constitution. Opposition leaders in Egypt have called for large protests after President Mohammed Mursi passed a decree giving himself sweeping new powers. The decree states the president’s decisions cannot be revoked by any authority – including … Continue reading

Archbishop tells UN we need World Government

The Vatican’s Chief Foreign-Policy official, Archbishop Dominque Mamberti ,tells the UN General Assembly that the world has lost confidence in the moral principals that sustain the organization. The archbishop states that international problems and the economic fears is due to “a profound anthropological crisis—that is, a loss of a common understanding of what is truly … Continue reading

The days of Democracy in Europe is almost over

Václav Klaus warns that the destruction of Europe’s democracy may be in its final phase. ‘Two-faced’ politicians have opened the door to an EU superstate by giving up on democracy, Václav Klaus, the veteran Czech statesman, tells Bruno Waterfield. The new push for a European Union federation, complete with its own head of state and … Continue reading

Catalonia might try to brake away from Fascist Europe

Catalonia has called snap elections over its drive for greater independence, deepening Spain’s crisis as its government struggles to avoid a full-blown bailout. The rich northeastern region’s President Artur Mas added an extra headache for Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who has called for the country to stay united as its fights to secure its … Continue reading

Germany made peace with PLO after 1972 massacre

Der Spiegel reveals that German authorities held secret talks with Palestinian terror organization fearing additional attacks on German soil after murder of 11 Israeli athletes‬‬. German newspaper Der Spiegel revealed Sunday that German authorities cooperated with Black September, a Palestinian terror group, after it had carried out an attack that killed 11 Israeli athletes at … Continue reading