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The “Palestinian” refugee fraud exposed

750.000 Jews were exiled from Arab nations and Persia.  Arabs use their “refugees” as a weapon against Israel. In the shadow of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s theatrics at the United Nations recently, armed with his cartoon Iranian bomb, Israeli officials launched a quieter, but equally combative, initiative to extinguish whatever hopes have survived of reviving … Continue reading

Orthodox Rabbi attacks religious Zionists

Naftali Bennett condemns remarks made by Rabbi Shalom Cohen questioning Jewishness of religious Zionists. Shas’s Council of Torah Sages member Rabbi Shalom Cohen in a sermon Saturday made degrading remarks against the religious Zionist sector by questioning their Jewishness and referring to them as “Amalek” – a biblical tribe hostile to the ancient Israelites. Cohen, … Continue reading

Naxi collaborators ran Hollywood in the 1930-ties

The Vatican, Swiss banks and American corporations like I.B.M., General Motors and DuPont. All whitewashed Nazism. Also Hollywood. The list of institutions and industries that have been accused of whitewashing their links to the Third Reich is long, including various governments, the Vatican, Swiss banks and American corporations like I.B.M., General Motors and DuPont. Now … Continue reading

The Israeli-Arab conflict did not start with 67-war

There is a global propaganda campaign telling people that the Israeli Arab conflict started in 1967. Not true. This is what Ruthie Blum writes in a column in Israel Hayom: Contrary to widespread belief, based on a concerted propaganda campaign, this was not the event that created what has come to be called the Israeli-Palestinian … Continue reading

Jordanian army blew up the Hurva synagogue in 1948

During British rule in Jerusalem the Hurva Synagogue was the most important in Israel. In 1948, the invading Jordanian army blew it up. The Hurva, whose name means «ruin» was initially built by disciples of Rabbi Judah Hahasid in the early 18th century. It was destroyed shortly thereafter by Muslims demanding the return of loans … Continue reading

The forgotten refugees of the Middle east

850.000 Jews were expelled from Arab Muslim nations when Israel became a Jewish state. This refugee problem is the real Nakba, forgotten by United Nations and the World. There is more than one «Middle East Refugee problem». Along with the Palestinian refugees who were begged to stay in Israel, there were the Jews in Arab … Continue reading

Hated, just because they are Jewish

Do not tell me that the US and the «International community» shall take over the control of Jerusalem, and secure the future of the state of Israel . The Jewish people have during the diaspora been hated, persecuted and killed by almost all nations. The only reason: They are Jewish. The World started to betray … Continue reading

The diaspora betrayal of the Jewish state

Worldly anti-Zionist Jewish youth in America represent the enemy from within that bid to destroy the Jewish people. The last article in Time Magazine is just another example of the internal Jewish division.  A lump of guilt and sadness rises in my throat. I’ve written harshly of Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 2006 and assault on … Continue reading

Israel upholds citizenship ban for Palestinian spouses

Israel’s Supreme Court has upheld a law banning Palestinians who marry Israelis from gaining Israeli citizenship. Civil rights groups had petitioned the court to overturn the law, saying it was unconstitutional. “Human rights do not prescribe national suicide,” Judge Asher Grunis wrote in the judgement. The law was introduced in 2003, with its backers citing … Continue reading

Joseph tomb in Samaria belongs to the Jewish people

Interior minister ‬‬Eli Yishai ‪‪visits holy site in Nablus together with 1,500 Jewish worshipers, says ‘Tomb belongs to us and we must resume full control. Since the second intifada, Joseph’s Tomb has been under Palestinian control. The IDF allows organized groups to visit the site at nights. However, some breslov hassidic groups arrive at the … Continue reading

He murdered 27,900 Jews

MUNICH, Germany – A German court sentenced John Demjanjuk to five years in prison on Thursday for his role in the killing of 27,900 Jews at the Nazi death camp Sobibor. His lawyers will appeal the verdict. The Munich court found the 91-year-old guilty of being an accessory to mass murder as a guard at … Continue reading

The slaughter of Jews keep on haunting Libya

25.000 Jews lived in Libya in the 1930-ties, many of them were slaughtered. Many years ago, the last Jew left Libya for Israel or Italy. During the 1930s about 25,000 Jews lived in Libya but their number dwindled dramatically due to persecution by Italy and Germany during World War II and a series of state-sponsored … Continue reading

Jordan forces businessmen to cut trade with Israel

Jordan’s Anti-Normalization Committee on Tuesday threatened to publish names of three traders as “normalizes” unless they cut their business ties with Israel. Activists have held meetings with the three businessmen and urged them to stop importing Israeli products or risk having their names published as part of a nationwide campaign to end normal ties with … Continue reading

Blair in the footstep of the Peel Commission on Israel

Tony Blair believes that the Muslims will opt for «peace» and a two-state-solution. They will, but only on their way to a one-state-solution without Jews. This is what Blair said on « Frost Over The World», on Al Jazeera’s English-language channel: «So if everyone would commit themselves to a peaceful political negotiation to a two-state … Continue reading