The deceptive talk of Heidi Baker

Just replace the word “God with “Demon” in this video message. And you will get the true story about Heidi Baker.

The outpouring of a false Holy Spirit’ started the day Jesus died on the cross. The first false “Christ’s” where gnostic copies of the Messiah, who false teachers tried to launch into the body of Jesus.

The same gnostic copies of “Christ” is carried into our Churches today. The same copy-cat Holy Spirit’s are taking people for a ride.

When you see this testimony of Heidi Baker, there is a lot of talk about “power”, and the need to feed the children. Miracles and wonders is also highlighted.

Good: Nobel work is done even by atheists and secular people. Their zeal and power often give spectacular results.

But do they also represent God of the Bible?

Be aware, that in this message from Heidi Baker there is no talk about sin. No call for repentance. There is not a single line spoken about the true meaning of the atoning death of the Messiah on the cross. Why He shed His blood for our sins.

Heidi Baker present the “blood of Jesus” as the “cup of suffering and joy”. That is not the cup from Calvary hill, not the blood of Jesus of the Bible.

It is amazing that people buy this message, and want to include Heidi Baker in to the family of Christianity. She fits perfect into any New Age Ministry, where “God” is presented as an electric power, who knock down people are freezes them for hours.  Heidi Baker claims she was knocked down with a BOOM, and laid frozen on the floor for tree hours.

This is a demonic force, not the Holy Spirit. The helper and advocate do not come to burn, trouble, cripple or disable the saints. He comes as a comforter, and humble person who will guide us and help us. He will convince us of sins, and call us to repentance. He will motivate us and inspire us to follow the example of Jesus the Messiah.

Galatians 5:22-23
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, fidelity,meekness, self-control: against such things there is no law.

When people lose self control, behave like mad, disturb and scream, you can be sure a demonic force is manifesting it self in the flesh.

Do not ever, not even for a second, accept this to be fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Rebuke and lock down such manifestations. And thrown this kind of unclean spirits out of the persons who carry them into Christian Fellowships.

There must be someone among you who have been given the gift of deliverance. If not your Christian fellowship is going to fall into deception.

Written by Ivar

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    • Heidi Baker has been coming to my Church for years! In Mozambique, Africa that is where her ministry is! She has started 10,000 Churches and houses and feeds thousands of orphans every day. Right now she has 1200 missionaries over there, including my brother! The woman is a modern day Mother Theresa and the presence of God is all over her! Shame on you for spreading lies and tearing her to pieces on spiritual matters you know nothing about!
      Now……think real hard! Maybe the Demonic force and deceptive talk is coming from you!

      • Back up the track, Sweetie!!….you’re time spent at ”accounting” (glorying in on what other people do where you revel in their work, whether it is of God or not…that’s ”flesh” are found wanting on Scripture!
        We are told ”not to” know any man after the flesh but after the spirit and that includes Jesus Christ….that too is ”Scripture”…

        Stay on the porch Pup if you come out in the yard with the big dogs, you’ll get hurt and worse you will hurt the ones who will have to spend time trying to protect you!!

        If you want Scripture…on these…”Look it up”…as the Word says you should be teaching by now but you’re still in need of milk…spend more time ‘in the Word of God and less time in what others are doing ”accounting”..we were not called to be Accountants….!

      • Andrea……..Really? Is that all you got? Shame on you for judging God’s people!

        Matthew 7….Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgement you pronounce you will be judged, and with the same measure you use it will be measured to you.

        Heidi Baker has raised 100 from the dead….opened the eyes of the blind and has preached the gospel to hundreds of thousands!

        Matthew 12:26
        If Satan drives out Satan, he is devided against himself. How then can his Kingdom stand?

        You are saying she is of the devil…….Interesting!!!

        I got a great idea for you! Why don’t you tear down people who are in the world murdering…raping…pedifiles…genocides…extortion……….

        But you choose to tear down a beautiful woman of God…interesting!!!!!!!


      • Cheryl, ..I gave you a lot of ”gold nuggets” in what I said and none of it is what you want…but rather chose to lift up a Catholic who only God knows if she ever repented and accepted Jesus Christ or not..

        You claim Heidi came to your church? So?? does that make her something any Christian is not?? Many go to your Church, you do too,…So?? your eyes seek her and her wealth and power she has, your eyes do not seek Jesus Christ….even your accusation of ‘judge not lest ye be judged is ‘another area you twist and use The Word of God to sling like slinging stones at people,…If you don’t judge then rip out all the Scriptures that tells us to judge righteously…

        Many here will tell you to Flee these youthful lusts you crave for…they are deceiving you for a greater destruction…put your eyes on Jesus not on the works of the Wold’s people…know this all these who go over seas to ‘do the Lord’s work’…don’t have to pay taxes like they do if they stayed here in America and/or their own country that has heavy taxes.

        You say she raises the dead. So?? so did Jesus! I don’t see you flapping your jaws about him like you do about Heidi…many raised people and animals from the dead…that don’t make them God that only glorifies Jesus Christ ”if” they did it at all…beware dear one, Satan will bring more deceptions to hold you fast to this lie you so readily cling to.

        There are things in this World that would turn your hair white just the hearing of it let alone the seeing of it…Flee from these things before you become more ensnared by your own lust for power and greed. Run to Jesus!!

      • Cheryl,

        You said: Heidi Baker has raised 100 from the dead….opened the eyes of the blind and has preached the gospel to hundreds of thousands!

        My comment: There is no one on this earth who can raise anyone from the dead. There is no one who can perform miracles, other than Jesus Christ.

        Ezekiel 37:13 And you shall know that I am the Lord, when I open your graves, and raise you from your graves, O my people.

        John 5:21 For as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, so also the Son gives life to whom he will.

        And remember this Cheryl

        2 Corinthians 11

        13 For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. 15 It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.

      • Gloria, there are and have been people who have raised people from the dead…yes it was thru and by The Holy Spirit thru them…many people and animals etc have been raised from the dead…

      • This debate, and division and hate grieves the Holy Spirit.

        To those who are against Mama Heidi, I will leave you with one question; do you know her personally? Have you spent time with her, suffering in the bush? Do you know what the fruits that come out of her are?

        I don’t know anyone who spends as much time in the prayer closet, reading the Bible and talking to her Papa as Heidi. She has MILLIONS of dollars pass through her hands every year, and yet she chooses the life in the slums with the children. When she comes over for conferences, she has exactly 2 conditions; that she gets to worship with the people who are there, and she gets given water.

        The kind of fruit that manifests in her are all in the Bible; I don’t know anyone who is so full of love, joy, kindness, patience etc. And the signs and wonders of her ministry verify that it is a move of God. The message of her life is intimacy with Jesus, not a circus of the supernatural as many of her opposition slander her for. You guys love to talk about the Bible so much, and use out of context Scripture to manipulate people into believing that they are wrong, to justify and understanding of God in your box of reasoning. Well, entertain me, and show me where in the Bible you think goes against what Mama Heidi is doing.

        Just out of curiosity, what exactly what does this ministry do? Looking around, it looks like it is another hate site of all that’s wrong with the church (some, which I don’t disagree with), instead of preaching the Kingdom to the lost. Did Jesus tell us to judge His bride? Or to go and love imperfect people into the Kingdom?

        Common guys, seriously, wake up, and grow up.

    • You are correct about the Baker’s deception. However what makes them so dangerous is the very ministry that the other who have commented on have lauded so highly.
      This article from unicef illustrates the destructive nature of charismatic and pentecostal movements in Africa (and the world as a whole)
      The Baker’s may have orphanages but their are not enough of them to begin to meet the staggering number of children that their ideological position has caused to be cast out of their own communities. The childish belief in demons is creating refuge camps of children and elderly single women who are believed to be witches and possessed by demons. It’s literally insane as these are the individuals that gospel teaches us to care about most passionately.
      I don’t think the Baker’s do this harm our of malicious intent but rather out of sheer ignorance and a genuine desire to do good, but almost all evils are born of a perverse desire to make the world a better place.

      • Satan will automatically get someone ‘with good intentions’ to wind up eventually doing ‘his will’ ‘for their gain monetarily, notoriety, the bottom line is greed. and Greed is a spirit from the pits of hell….they may not ”think” it is Satan alluring them to these things..yet the ‘Brass Ring’ is still swinging ever so close to all who ride that Ferris Wheel to catch it! And only Jesus can break that if the person diligently prays they ‘only want HIM’ not all the glitter these ‘Hawkers’ offer all the answers in their books…What is God Stupid, is the Holy Ghost ignorant is Jesus a Liar? …God forbid!!! there are many books written about HIM…many of them will and are good…But NONE out weight the priceless jewel filled with Eternal Life if they choose to believe it…or Eternal Death if they choose to not believe it.. I see men and women go into Bible Studies with ‘other books’ about prophets, history, proven facts of God’s existence, spiritual darkness, how to books….with out the Word of God opened before them…is Man now smarter than God? is or these how say some passages are too much for children…’sensitive ears’…When the father and mother took their children to Church and they all listened to the Preacher they had a 100 % chance…but when Know-it-all Preachers split up the Congregation into ”Nurseries, Toddlers, Youth, Teens, Young Adults…Married, Unmarried….Older folks…they are shouting loud and clear in the face of Almighty God ..what Jesus Preached and is wrong…!!! …We have Ripppped out out so many Scriptures out of His Word to be ‘correct, Politically Correct…Scripturally Correct’ that all is left is….is Demon Correct! “How to go to Hell”…!! Fact!
        Just like Satan did a number on the Family…other people raise their children while they work….the prisons and streets (waiting to go to Jail) are full of these facts….yet all were born babies…and all are being stripped with the Truth and filled with Lies….Give them the ‘RAW Word of God and you will see Results! Jesus did and many even today run from the Church’s Denominations Faiths they were brought up into!….They are looking for the Real Jesus…even HE said they will cross the oceans to make some ‘twice fold’ the child of hell!! But they still flock to other lands across the Oceans and come back to their own Country and spew how great God is…with all ”they have done”……….LIARS!!

    • Wow. Sexist much?

      Jesus can use a woman or man to spread his word. Jesus can use a woman or man, so he (Christ) can heal. And I’ve seen Jesus use both to do many things in the name of Our King Jesus Christ.

      Jesus has used me to tell people he loves them. He has allowed me to see angles and demons. and Christ has spoken to me several times, all for the GLORY OF OUR SAVIOR.

    • Grow up! Why ask others ”where does it say in the Bible”? That only shows ALL that you not only have not read the Word of God but it also shows The Truth, The Gospel of Jesus Christ The Word of God is not that important to you to even read it…Thus giving you a ‘Masters Mentality’ and requesting your ‘slaves, folks lower than you to do all the work and you not lift a finger…Shame on you…If and when you know the Truth you would recognize who is a babe in Christ and who is not and who the wolves are, you dear one are a ‘Brat in the Spiritual World’…of both, Saint and Sinner alike, it’s not that important to you and when you are told the answer to your questions, you will and ”have” rejected it….like even now you’ll reject the truth of what I just said or go and do as Jesus said, Seek ye the Kingdom of God an all His Righteousness! …The only Jesus (the false Jesus) you know which is not the Lord of Glory will continue to lead you to the Gates of Hell if you don’t Repent and Believe The Gospel of Jesus Christ….FACT THOSE WHO REPENT will be as New Born Babies,,,,they will desire the Sincere Milk of the Word of God….they will be hungry for it…

      • Doesn’t the Bible teach love? Why would anyone listen and believe what you have to say when you treat them like that? I’m not saying that either of you are right or wrong but insulting someone surely isn’t the right way to go about this from a Biblical standpoint.

      • Sweetheart I fully understand that you can not see any ‘love in me’…you’d have to be able to see the Love of God in Christ at Calvary before you’re ever able to see the love of any of His children. Yet I will continue to pray for you…Read His World seek Him till you have that peace that passes all understanding until then you’ll continue to be one of those who were danced and sung to yet you did not sing nor dance with them…sad truly sad!

      • Hi Andrea

        if you don’t believe Heidi is not a woman of God why don’t you preach the gospel and stop wasting your time trying to prove to people what you believe. most of the things you are saying are just unnecessary. you could have used this time build others in love. the word says we must say what builds. You must be spending time building the Body of Christ. It is better to listen to Mama Heidi’s videos because they build me up in Christ and they make me to want to know Christ and love you and others more. My brother I love you but please my brother use this opportunity to preach Jesus Christ. Argument is like dust and it causes offense and hate and that is not what we are as the body and the bride of Jesus Christ. Instead pray for the apostles the teachers, pastors, prophets and evangelist to speak what Jesus speaks…so we may grow all of us in one maturity and one faith as the body of Christ.

        I love you all brothers and sisters in Christ and even those who have not yet known Christ personality.
        Jesus Loves you and He came to take the sin of the world.

  1. Tanks, Ivar, for bringing this to our attention.

    As far as I know, New Wine and friends (Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson…) are winning ground even in our Scandinavian countries.

    I feel sad for Baker. She is obviously very zealous and committed. But the question is – committed to what?

    She admits at one point to having had second thoughts (about the ‘apostolic anointing’), but then the ‘power of god’ overwhelms her, and she seems to forget her reservations.
    The problem whith these people and these movements, is that they value the ‘power/anointing/presence/glooory’ more than the authority of Scripture!

    I listened to Bill Johnsons testimony as well, and he says people can just walk into their church, and be ‘struck’ by the atmosphere – there isn’t even a need for any preaching…

    But what does the Bible say?
    It says salvation comes by hearing the Word of God preached.
    And it says it’s the truth – not the ‘presence/atmosphere’ – that shall set us free.

    When Heidi describes how she during one conference was so paralyzed, she couldn’t even go to the bathroom by herself, I was reminded by a friend of what happens in the ‘Oneness’ Movement: Adepts are ‘blessed’ whith the deeksha/ oneness blessing, and are as a result sometimes turned into paralyzed zombies, who cannot take care of themselves…
    And Sri Bhagwan says this is a good thing! He wants more zombies, that can sit still all day, and meditate ‘for peace’…!

    Where is the difference between New Wine and Bagwan?
    Well, one of the two operates ‘in the name of Jesus’…

    • hello, if you believe that this is demonic, then why would God allow Heidi to be so deceived? Doesnt it say in the Bible that God and Jesus will hear our cry? And Heidi DOES cry and pray and call out to God – so why would He ignore her if you believe she is being used and deceived by evil spirits ?

  2. thank you for this article. It is odd, that I just read this, before I have planned to read a book about Heidi Baker.
    I will pray, that the Lord Jesus will help me and give me the spirit of discernment. Without the help of the holy spirit so many of us would get lost in these last days.
    It is weird, that I have never felt comfortable, when I saw vids about her, but then I also thought, that she is doing so great work for all the poorest of the poor.
    But you are right, when salvation is not preached, no repentance, but only, that God is good, then people will get fed physicially but die spiritually. God bless you!

    • Ingrid,
      I have also had a hard time understanding how one who does so much for poor children, at the same time can be responsible for bringing in such evil in the church…

      And yet, when you hear her tell of how her ‘Jesus’ took a piece of flesh from his side and said ‘feed it to the children’…! That is just horrible! (Even she thought that!)
      Isn’t it interesting how this ‘jesus’ gives her a catholic, eucaristic ‘jesus presence’ in the bread, that she is to go out and feed to ‘thousands of children’! And if this is the ‘bread’ she feeds the children, then she is in fact misleading the ‘little ones, who believe in Him’, and that is extremely serious…

      When it comes to charity, and helping the poor, we must remember, that even the Hisbollah, and the Hamas, have strong humanitarian arms, that work among the poor and needy. They also, by definition, do a lot of ‘good’…

      No, unfortunately, we cannot let these criteria alone determine the right-ness of a ministry. The main question is: what gospel is preached? Is it about salvation from sin, or is it about ‘bringing in the kingdom’ through power and manifestations?

      Which ‘Jesus’ is presented? (The eucaristic ‘Jesus’ worshipped as bread?)

      And which spirit is at work? The Holy Spirit of God, or a false, Kundalini spirit?
      (Pay notice to Baker’s spasmodic twitchings, and involuntary cries.)

      (If I were you, I’d skip the book on Baker, and perhaps instead read something of Ray Yungen… For instance, ‘A Time of departing’)

      • “And yet, when you hear her tell of how her ‘Jesus’ took a piece of flesh from his side and said ‘feed it to the children’…! That is just horrible!”

        I agree- it does sound horrible- but it is a bit more understandable when you read Matthew 26:26 “While they were eating, Jesus took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to his disciples, saying, “Take and eat; this is my body.”

      • Simon,

        I will answer your question. From my personal experience and knowledge: The holy spirit is part of the trinity, God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. And yet, the Holy Spirit is God, and Jesus Christ. The three are one. The first time I felt the Holy Spirit guide me to tell a woman who was having problems, that Jesus Christ loved her, was a remarkable experience. Words cannot explain the love Christ has for you, when you feel it. It’s amazing.

        (For a Biblical meaning: Read Epheisans 4:30, John 15:26, Acts 13:2 if you want to know more about the Holy Spirit)

  3. Ivar,

    I have been a long time follower of your site, and have encouraged many to check it out. You have done a wonderful job of exposing certain issues that most are blind to.

    However, this article is one that either lacks understanding (which I honestly believe), or exposing your motives.

    You even gave a verse that defines the very makeup of who Heidi Baker – “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, fidelity,meekness, self-control: against such things there is no law.”

    Have you met her? Have you been to the deepest parts of the bush and witness her ministry and the fruit of her ministry? Have you talked with people that have gone out there on small mission trips, or with those who have been a part of her three month school?

    I have, and there is no way anyone who has would question her motives or whether this is “Demon” invoked, or God.

    What is the difference between you and the “Anyone” in Matt 12:32? You opened your article with “replace God with Demon”.

    Heidi brings in small villages at a time to Christ. When she goes into a village and brings all the sick and blind to the front and prays over them – do you believe this is staged? Let’s even pretend for a moment that it is. Then she, through translators speak the gospel and brings majority of villages to Christ. You’re saying this is the work of a Demon?

    Her work with Children is to mother them, and give them a bed to sleep on. 80-90% of the children she is giving shelter and food cannot fully comprehend what Jesus did for us.

    I encourage you to go deeper into your work before claiming sons and daughter of Christ are false or demonically influenced. Taking sound bites and interpreting them through your lenses has led to these type of articles. You have said it yourself have many times quoted 2 Cor 11:14. Do you not think that the enemy is well aware of what Heidi Baker is accomplishing and going out of his way to disrupt her “identity” in peoples eyes?

    Thank you for your dedicated work on bringing us the Truth.

    • Dear Kyle.


      Thanks for being a committed reader of this blog. I hope many of my articles and comments have brought blessings.

      I have not met Heidi Baker. Neither have I met the Pope. Still I would like to comment on their theology. When Heidi Baker puts up a video, she must accept that her public and global message will be commented.

      I do not care how many thousand people she has helped. Buddhists and even Islamic groups like Hamas and Hizb’Allah has solid accounts for social work and humanitarian aid. So also the Roman Catholic Church, when Mother Theresa of Calcutta is in the process of being “beautified”.

      In regards to the testimony of Heidi Baker, I have highlighted some few points.

      1. Demons do give people electric shock’s, and paralyze people. Demons also make people loose control, and behave more or less like mad.

      The Holy Spirit do not.

      2. The blood of Jesus, is not the cup of “suffering and joy”.

      The blood of Jesus is shed as the atonement for sins. And absolutely nothing else.

      • Kyle,
        I understand your question.
        It IS hard to really take in the fact that someone who seems to be doing so much good, could, in fact, be preaching a false gospel.

        But Ivar is right on the mark here.

        Have you actually watched through the video?
        What do you think of her vision of ‘Jesus’ ripping off a piece of flesh from his side (!?), and telling Heidi to feed this to the children?

        What do you think of her involuntary, spasmic jerks, and utterances?
        And her story of how she was paralyzed for a week (at a Catch the Fire conference) ‘by the spirit’, so that she could not even go to the bathroom by herself – they had to carry her!

        Please, also see my comment above.

      • So Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.
        (John 6:53)

      • If they did this stuff ”good” ..however…in all the ‘we did’….I don’t see where ”Jesus is given the Glory”…miracles are not gone by the way side…by no means…yet anyone who really Knows Jesus …always is in awe and admiration of His work today as equally so as we read His handiwork in His Word….also I have not heard of this person….where I live there are quite a few women who starts and/or …swears by ‘the Healing Ministry of Women, yet during the week these women some of them sound like Egor the Depressed Donkey on the Winnie the Pooh Cartoon (smile), I refuse to go because I just can’t find Jesus telling people to go start a Women’s, Men’s,Children,Baby or Teen Ministry….I’m sure there will be ”many who will be livid at my remark…”

      • I feel confused. Can i ask, do you believe that God DOES heal us today ? Also if she had ‘just’ been paralysed for a week, that would probably be demonic, but actually, sisnt she say that God was teaching her something important; her dependence on the church as a body- and isnt that scriptural ? And didnt it lead her into enacting that out later in her life ? Doesnt God teach that way ? Like the person in the bible that God told to lie on his side for many, many days, as a traching/ praying point ? And what of one of the prophets being told to tip the big jar of something to the east and west and Jesus saying to peter with the belt around his wrists, ‘When you were younger you went as you pleased, but when you are older,so will you be led’ as it was Heid being taught something valuable about the church, it seems a bit different….. also, I thought that they really DID preach the gospel and bring the Jesus film to all the different villages…. does EVERY healing have to be demonic- do you believe that God heals people at all these days ????? Thankyou, i look forward to your answer…..

      • Ivar…wow.

        Heidi Baker…if you heard her full story, you would know that she was truly traumatised by the realisation of her sinfulness and need for repentance. She ran, devastated, in floods of tears, down to the front of a church the first time she heard the full Gospel – crying “I’m a sinner, I’m a sinner!” People were telling her to shush!

        She was 16 years old at the time, and from that moment her heart and life belonged totally to the Lord.

        For you to assume she does not preach repentance of sins because she doesn’t mention them specifically in this talk above is like saying “I’m going to listen to a talk about apples. If the speaker doesn’t mention oranges, clearly she does not believe oranges exist”.

        She jerks and speaks in short bursts of ‘Tongues’ from time to time because she is utterly saturated with the presence of the Holy Spirit, in ways most of us can only dream of. She also says that she chooses to intersperse her teaching with occasional Tongues as she doesn’t like to not be communing directly with Jesus at any given time. This way, she can do it even while she is speaking to us. This makes sense to me!

        You say: ‘When people lose self control, behave like mad, disturb and scream, you can be sure a demonic force is manifesting it self in the flesh.’ What about Acts 2:15 when the believers seemed drunk to outsiders?

        And does she really ‘behave like mad, disturb and scream’?? When, can you tell me? The only time she did this as far as I know is when she was repenting, as I’ve mentioned in my first paragraph…! ;-)

        ‘A tree will be known by its fruit’ (Luke 6:44) – the fruit of Rolland and Heidi Baker’s lives, again, is beautiful, and in line with Jesus’ work on earth, to an extent most of us can only dream of. Huge, huge sacrifices. Please read her autobiography ‘Always Enough’.

        I’ve listened to many of her talks, and know people who have visited and stayed with Iris Ministries in Mozambique, and they can see her 100% dedication to the Lord.

        Please re-think.

      • Ivarfjeld: I have seen many videos of HB and have listened very carefully. I hear HB tell how faithful she is, how holy she is , how humble she is, how much she loves Jesus. I hear the gospel of Heidi Baker. I have seen the manifestations of another spirit and heard her credit the Holy Spirit with all this craziness. It is such a mixture of uncrucified flesh and counterfit spirts that it should be obvious to believers that this is not a witness of Jesus Christ. I don’t know anything about her work in mozambique, I only know what I see and hear from her and I know that she is deceived. I don’t think that she is deceiving anyone, because the people who think she is the next thing to God are already deceived. In fact it seems to me that anyone who hasn’t seen the great deception of today is already deceived. The only safety for any of us is in losing our lives, in embracing His cross. He said if we don’t lose our life and leave all then we have no part in Him. We can “love Jesus” because it makes us feel good about ourselves, we can desire to “be good” because it makes us feel good about ourselves, etc. In the end we can become so deceived that we leave the true Christ and follow the false christ and not even know that we have done it. It must be ALL about Him, not about us and our ego. Peter talked about how much he loved the Lord, and look how he forsook him. John knew how much Jesus loved him. John was at the cross. Thank you for speaking the truth about this matter. I hope believers can understand that your purpose of not about being against a person, but is rather about loving the truth as the truth is in Christ Jesus. Ruth

      • I’m sorry, but who are you to say what the Holy Spirit “does” and “doesn’t”? That’s no one’s job here on earth. That’s the Holy Spirit’s job to do whatever He wants.

      • Johannes.


        You wrote:

        That’s the Holy Spirit’s job to do whatever He wants.

        My comment:

        No spirit can do whatever it want. The Holy Spirit will be be loyal to scriptures.

  4. Hi!! I got really suspicious when I went to a meeting with Heidi Baker so I contacted local christians in northern Mocambique to hear what they had to say about her and Iris ministries.
    They have another story to tell about their “good works” in this former portuguese colony. Infact they are even saying that HB and Iris is giving christianity bad credit. That was very sad to hear.
    If someone wants to know more about their story and experience, please leave your e-mail on this thread.

    I have contacted Iris ministries with several e-mails about their
    alleged claims made in the documentary “riches of the poor”.
    They claimed that they have started up at least 5000 churches and raised 60! persons from the dead and that they have the best school in the whole country in the capital of Maputo.
    I just asked a couple of questions about this.
    And still no answer.

    • Dear Azaryahu


      Thanks for this message. It is always good to do some research about “super Apostles”.

      I once met a man who collected money to Church planters in the Charismatic movement. He told a fellowship in Norway, that one of the Churches he had planted was in the village where I live in India.

      Lead by Jesus, I also ministered to this fellowship in Norway, and heard the story.

      When this Charismatic self-styled pastor was confronted to pin-point this Church in my village, or give a local reference, He backed out. Just another con-man who steel and rob from the mission budgets of the Churches.

    • So the Christians that you contacted in Northern Mozambique believe what ivarfjeld does- what does this mean though? Simply that they believe one way and Heidi believes another I guess. People are always saying “this denomination/person gives Christianity a bad name” but usually that said denomination is saying that about others!

      I know several people who have gone overseas to help out with Iris Ministries and have heard nothing but amazing stories. So I guess it is a matter of opinion/belief.

    • Please send me the info they told you about the Riches of the Poor documentary & why it is giving Christians a bad name? lisawilson2011AThotmailDOTcom

  5. ERROR…..HAHAHAHA….Not Egor ” dragging his leg, bent over saying “Yes,Master”….I meant Eeyore…..(smile) (a quick thought,,,,Ole Egor sounds like the ‘Catholics ‘digging up some of these bones we see on here…Good night all God bless!

  6. 1Ti 2:12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.
    1Ti 2:13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve.
    1Ti 2:14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.
    1Ti 2:15 Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety


    Mat 7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
    Mat 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
    Mat 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

  7. There are actually many bible verses, when very narrowly interpreted, point towards the fact that the gift of miraculous healing does not exist today. But what conflicts for me is that I have seen and heard so many healings, not just on TV. I had several physical issues that were healed in one night when someone prayed over me. My friend had scoliosis and was healed from that in one night. I have seen those in wheelchairs get up. A friend of mine has experienced someone who was blind see. Someone with cancer cured. This was not questioned until someone decided to combat my belief in healings. So I’m just wondering if anyone could explain the miraculous healings that go on today, even if it seems that they don’t exist.

    • Alex,

      God has never changed. The same Jesus of the Bible who cured and healed people is the same who casts out demons, heal the sick, and more. I disagree that there are Bible verses that say healing does not exist today.

      I have had (2) doctors ( who told me that my son had kidney problems, and when the morning I visited the 3rd doctor, I continued to pray. And the doctor comes in after taking tests, and said my son is okay, he has nothing in him and was perfectly healthy. I said, “Thank you Jesus.”

      Mark 16:17-19

      17 And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; 18 they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”

      19 After the Lord Jesus had spoken to them, he was taken up into heaven and he sat at the right hand of God

      But we must always look to Jesus. Because Satan is a deciver and a copy cat. He will try to do things, including lying wonders, to deceive many.

    • Dear Alex.


      The issue of healing goes directly on the nature and character of Jesus. He healed 10 men with leprosy. Only one was believer enough, to come back and thank Him, the supreme and ultimate healer.

      I am constantly healed. There is not a day, there are no hostile bacterias in my body. I am healed from sicknesses I did not even now I had. And it is likewise with non-believers.

      Since non-believers also face miracles and healing, some of the most deceptive preachers today are “faith healers”. They present non sense doctrines, and gives thanks to “a Jesus”. In their millions, people are deceived. Some of these preachers are representing the fleshy prosperity gospel. They loot people for money, who feel that healing must be purchased from “god”.

      Healing is a part of the order of the creation, a free gift from Jesus the Messiah. We have been given a body that in 95 per cent of the examples of sicknesses, heals it self. Jesus is so good to mankind, that billions of people who have never heard about Him, is healed by Him.

      For about five percent of known sickness, the body is not able to heal it self. Than Jesus can provide healing, or He can freely chose to do not. But If He calls me home to heaven today, He will most likely take me home by a brief illness. My soul must be disconnected from this mortal body, one way or another. And if He wants me to be on Earth till I am 90 years old, my body will surely decay and become weak well in advance of such a high age.

      Praise Jesus who is my provider and my healer. He knew my entry, and surely only He knows the time of my exit, and the events that will take me home. Amen.

      I hope this was helpful.

    • Alex….your post saddens me…yet thrills me for the joy that you are about to have if you continue to follow The Word God….for I too remember when I was at the ‘Valley of Decision’ ..or Crossroads…which ever you want to call it…seeing all that the ones around me says, healings, miracles etc…what the TV people say and say they do….and then in the quiet of my own time with The Word of God…it said entirely different (at times) to what others say,…Ohh the nights I’d run to His Word and cry…They say and Your Word says…and I’d even tell the Preachers the same…the Word says this but you say this and they’d tell me..He means this …oh the frustrations….then one day… as I pray that day will be very soon for you…I chose to believe His Word …no matter what others says..if it was in agreement with The Word of God then I chose to believe it…EVEN when my own body did not receive the healing I wanted or the things in my life to change the way I wanted …I chose to believe Him anyway…and continued on in the situations and circumstances I was in…whether it was sickness, lack financially and/or favor in the world….Bottom line…I took the attitude ”If God is for me, then I have more than I need”…..After all isn’t that what Jesus said to us…? He tells us ‘don’t let the voices confuse us, trust in Him with all your spirit, soul and strength.
      Beloved of The Lord, rest, be at peace The Creator of The Universe has and does love you so much He sent Jesus to die for your sins that you may live forever with Him..Even the Sinners..unbelievers know about John 3:16, few (Saint or Sinner) read further..and see the importance of John 3:17,18,19

      We don’t want to be like the Roman Soldiers at the foot of the Cross shooting Dice to see who would win the Robe of Jesus…some Christians do that so often, seeking all the gifts and ignoring the Greatest Gift ….who went to the Cross ‘for us’…JESUS …

  8. The Word is its own authority; it states very clearly that males and females of humankind are equal in the eyes of God.; and that The Church is to be governed by male elders. Male eldership is only an issue for those who question Scripture.
    I’ve been the teaching elder of small body who have suffered because they hold to the clear teaching of the Word (including the five-fold ministry). We have been pushed aside by the secessionists because we believe in the gifts and by the the charismatics who cannot tolerate our stand on women elders.
    Heidi Baker has been messing up my safe little place. I was hushed into silence when I saw the miraculous in her ministry – and the fervency of her life. But, I am constantly reminded of Scripture, “I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet”.
    I’m pleased to have come across some people who are wrestling with this issue.
    Where to from here…”To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them”.

  9. In doing charities, like feeding the the street people, one will get persecuted, even by those who claim to be christian. No good & Godly deed goes unpunished especially by those who do not wish to be compelled do said deeds/ or similar. Fear can allows us to read more fear into things especially without the facts. A covetous spirit often mocks without the facts. Prayers for grace & mercy, to see others through the eyes of Christ often clears up our blurred, limited vision. And our Lord’s word will validate it. David himself, chose not to harm Saul, who he believed to be God’s anointed. It’s one thing to be cautious, malicious is never good or Christ-like. P.S. Deborah was a judge, anointed by God. And Paul stated he would not suffer women to teach men. Maybe, you saying God is confused. He is a big God. He can handled anyone’s limitedness of thought & behavior. He did mine.

    • The Truth of God stands forever; never changes. We try to filter and change the Truth when it doesn’t coincide with our particular moment or experience. Jesus, the Lord. calls us to submit to the Word. “If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them”. True worship is about Him; not about me or my incorporating my experience or what others are doing and calling that the Presence of God; or the Work of God.

  10. I live in South Africa … I unconditionally gave my life to Jesus during a supernatural experience when he revealed Himself to me, on the Cross, as my desperately needed Saviour … I am now 54 and have had many supernatural experiences and a life as unconventional (even more so!) as my salvation was.

    I can tell from your writing that your heart and soul have never been shattered for those broken, despised, desperately needy ones whom Jesus loves … I can tell that you have never felt that you were dying from lack of truly knowing Jesus … And I am not sure what it is that I can tell that you can so easily trash, on the basis of heresay, someone like Heidi Baker.

    Islam (the spirit, NOT the people) is a huge threat – especially in Africa. Do you know that their biggest obstacles to Christianity are our division and eagerness to hurt each other?

    As a student of the Word, you are familiar with Jesus’ command that we Love each other, and how powerful it will be if we do. And I refer you to what Paul recommends to us in 1 Cor 12:31 as ‘a more excellent way’ … please … Choose the Way of Love and you will change the World!

    Beloved of God … You have only THIS LIFE. Please, do not use it to destroy!

    • You said….Choose the Way of Love and you will change the World! …and where is that scriptural for believers? that “we” are to change the World…when Jesus said the World is evil and full of wickedness… it will get worse as it gets closer to His return….

      and if that message was given to you ‘about changing the world’…I’m not a bit surprised….for it is a message that is filling up the churches..yet the World only gets more wicked daily!!!

      that in and of itself should give anyone a clue even if they are from America or Africa! or anywhere, any nation, any language, any tongue!

  11. If a ministry has hurt you. I am sorry. I was hurt by many Christian, I am still one. And I forgive them. I do not walk in my bitterness, I do not want to see them hurt. I ask God to judge between us and I am living life in freedom.

    If the Christians hurt you, I am so sorry. If life has broken you, I am sorry. You speak out of so much pain and I have been there. The hope of this world is not found in looking at every negative, evil, wicked thing and judging the whole world and every one it by these evil acts. Neither will we find only good, wonderful kind deeds to speak of. The hope of this world is, that God so loved the world that He gave his one and only son (JESUS) that whoever believes in him, (that he died in your place for your mistakes, wrongs, sins and aask him to forgive you and accepting him in your heart) you will not pperish (in the hell, designed for the devil and his demons and not for men who have a choice in accepting Jesus who ALONE can save them from the fires of hell)but have everlasting life. The hope of this world is that, Jesus is coming back! Acts 1 vs 11 ” Men of Galilee, ” they said, why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you innto heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.

    Allover the world there is a great need for people who care, who love God, who are genuine in their salvation, who walk in the true spirit of God to go and feed the hungry, help the orphan, take care of the widow and be the hands and feet of people in need. If Heidi Baker is a wolf in sheeps clothing them maybe some more “sheep” are needed to replace the wolves. Instead of wasting time trying to throwing mud, why don’t you get up and go and do it in the true sense. Why don’t you make that difference and show her up, nothing shows up what is false like a drop of true love.

    Whether we see sin in someonelse life, or deception or demonic activity it is not our place to curse them but to pray for them and to love them as Christ loved his enemies. Reguardless,not one
    of us is without sin and in a place to cast a stone. Jesus Christ is the only who sinless and he always loves and forgives us inspite of our sins and mistakes.
    Matthew 7 vs 4 How can you say to your brother, “Let me take the speck out of your eye, when all the time there is a plank in our own eye?

    Romans 12;14 Bless those who persecute you;bless and do not curse them.

    Luke 6:27-36
    “But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. To one who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also, and from one who takes away your cloak do not withhold your tunic either.

    Psalm 57.6 Do not rejoice when your enemy falls and let not your heart be glad when he stumbles
    Romans 1d2:20 To the contrary, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him, if he is thirsty, give him something to drink, for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.

    Matthew 26:52;54
    Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place. For all who take the sword will perish by the sword. Do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father, and he will at once send me more than twelve legions of angels?

    Job 31:30
    I have not let my mouth sin by asking for his life with a curse. Ps

    Psalm 1 Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, but whose delithhg is in the law of the Lord and who meditates on his law day and night.

    Read the Bible for yourself and ask God to show you what is true or false and forget Heidi Baker leave her to God to judge.

    • Speaking in truth is not speaking in bitterness…it is only bitterness to those who don’t want the truth…..because they as Jesus said…they love their sins more than HIM….they love the praise of men more than walking that narrow road…loving Him, praising Him lifting Him up…not lifting all these others up…How come no one lifts up all those who wrote and died for the Word…yet they flock to the new ones who make a money on the ones who seek the Word of God…yet these men of the Bible did not ‘Name it or Claim it” …….they spoke ”Thus said the LORD”. Jesus is the one who Died for us and shed HIS Blood for us…whether we repent or not HE already did it…these who ever they be, matters none to me nor any real Christian…they adhere to The Glory of God His Salvation Plan before the Foundation of the World…that all who will believe on His Son, shall be saved….Glory to HIS Name…”JESUS”

  12. To me you come off as someone who loves God a lot and is trying to help others in the way you can already, but I disagree with your article completely.

    About Heidi’s message, her target audience when speaking in Western countries are churches and people who have heard about & accepted Christ already. When she speaks she only has about an hour to leave an impression so she leans on the pastor of the church to fill in the rest of the teaching a healthy Christian should encounter. She is trying to ignite a passion for reaching out to people who need God by first helping to cultivate a burning love for God. If there are non- Christians present she effectively drives them to a holy type of jealousy! ;D They can become intrigued and learn from the pastor there who would be more than honored to tell them of the beautiful Gospel.

    Being part of the body of Christ we all have different jobs to do with different talents and abilities to do them with.

    Back in Mozambique I am sure that since her target audience shifts to the unbelieving people, her message changes likewise.

    If I am honest since I first heard of the work she does I was really amazed at what God does through people yet the fiery love she has for God made me feel uneasy. Honestly devoting your whole self to the will of God, for some reason, made me uneasy. Now I am accepting that God can only work through someone if they surrender their whole lives to him, even the part of themselves that wants to look & sound acceptable/respectable to everyone.


    • Dear Leah


      The gospel we shall preach is the same in Africa, in New York City or in India. Not all people in the Third World are idiots, who easily can be fooled into an Americanized counterfeit message.

      If you present a false Jesus, have been anointed with a deceptive spirit, and present a different gospel, it is wrong. Regardless if a million or so, will tell you how blessed you are. Jesus will have to tell a lot of people who claimed to serve “god’, even many who do miracles in the name of Jesus: – I NEVER KNEW YOU. Away from me, evil doers.

  13. I do not want to judge Heidi Baker. All I know is that I have watched many of her videos and I always have an uneasy feeling and the sense that something is weird. But when I watch other ministries that move in the power of God such as Paul Dhinakaran I do not feel this weirdness factor. I am not saying she is false, it’s just the way she presents herself really turns me off. In one video she is laying on the floor for the entire sermon; if I were an unbeliever and entered the room I would immediately run away. It also makes me uneasy that she has been connected with people like Ben Dunn who is a very strange character…this is the guy to takes tokes on an imaginary marijuana cigarrete and says it’s the Holy Spirit. But in fairness to her, I have read a couple of Heidi Baker’s books, and the books are much better and “normal” than seeing her on video…I don’t know, maybe it’s just the way she presents herself, but to me it weirds me out. I can watch Kathryn Kuhlman, and although she was very unique, I never feel that weirdness factor. Just my thoughts anyway. Ultimately it is the Lord who will sort all this out. There are things in life and in the Body of Christ that we do not understand, but I do feel we should pay attention when our inner witness is disturbed.

  14. First off, does Heidi ever claim to be a “Christ” or “Messiah”? Absolutely not. She proclaims Christ to be her Savior and gives the gospel message at every outreach in Mozambique. Also, I’d be careful saying that her saying “the cup of joy and cup of suffering” is not the blood of Christ. It absolutely is the cup of joy because we now have joy because Christ took our sins upon Himself and the cup of suffering because 1) He died a gruesome death and 2) anyone that follows that Christ today is bound for suffering at least in certain parts of the world such as Mozambique. And speaking of humility, have you ever seen her speak at a conference or church or on a Sunday morning at the Iris church in Mozambique? She is one of the most humble and meek people you could meet that believes in Yeshua today. Be careful. When you start putting God in a box, your once called relationship with Christ becomes a religion that binds you. Be careful also when you call what the Holy Spirit is doing a demonic presence. “But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of an eternal sin.” -Mark 3:29

    • Dear Johannes.


      You wrote:

      When you start putting God in a box, your once called relationship with Christ becomes a religion that binds you.

      My comment:

      You promote lawlessness. Please keep on mind, that God is both accountant and judge. Lawlessness permits everything, and is not bound by the scriptures. God is not in a box, but the Bible is the highest authority in all matters of faith. God can not go against His word. He is the Word.

      People who say “God told me” are often the deceivers among us.

      • Dear ivarjfeld

        Shalom to you as well.

        I don’t want to write to argue, but I do want to bring to the light some things that were stated about Heidi Baker and/or Iris Ministries that were stated out of not knowing her or her ministry personally. I wish that before you wrote this article to the public, that you first read Iris Ministries statement of faith from their website:

        Notice that the first point of their statement of faith is that they believe “the Bible to be the only inspired, infallible, and authoritative Word of God.” Let’s look at the Word. Do you think that in Acts 2 when the Holy Spirit enabled people with power at Pentecost, that certain people simply thought they were drunk with too much wine? Also, note that Joel 2:28 is quoted in that chapter of Acts saying: “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people.” I believe (I’m not saying you do) that we are in the last days and that God is indeed moving among His people. However simply because God did something different among those disciples at Pentecost than what He had previously done, doesn’t mean that it was not the Holy Spirit. Clearly, this point proceeds into today. Just because the Holy Spirit does something that we’re not familiar with doesn’t mean it’s from a demon.

        Also, please note that in Mark 3, Jesus was speaking and doing some extraordinary things that people were previously unfamiliar with. The religious leaders at that time also condemned him as driving out demons by the prince of demons. Blasphemy against our Meshiac will be forgiven, but not against the Ruach Hakodesh. We must watch carefully what we say against that part of the trinity my friend.

        I’m sorry brother in Jesus, let me be the first to apologize on behalf of anyone that you might label as “charismatic” or “crazy” that has hurt you in the past in anyway. Every ministry, no matter where you are will have it’s lemon of the batch.

        You also said to me:

        “You promote lawlessness.”

        Let us all be careful before we start proclaiming people to be promoters of lawlessness. I’m by no means perfect, but I do absolutely promote King Jesus, not sin or lawlessness. Please brother, I encourage you to build up the ministries you deem good, and to not tear down the ones that you don’t necessarily agree with. Let’s also, please, all believers in Christ, not judge each other. You don’t even know me yet you labelled me as a promoter of lawlessness.

        “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” -Matthew 7:1-2

        That goes for myself, Heidi Baker, you, and any believer. Let’s also remember the greatest commandment of all.

        “Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” -Matthew 722:37-40

        Let me be the first to say that most of what has been said in this forum previously has not been out of a place of love. Of course one can only love others with the measure that they love themselves. Love from me to all of you as a brother in Christ.

  15. I lack the words to express how gutted I am to come across this website. I pray the eyes of the blind are opened to true salvation in Christ and his unconditional love for all his children. Let us not quarrel against our brothers and sisters who wholeheartedly spread the gospel of our incredible saviou Jesus. I pray this is not his plan for us. This is not a competition of who is Right and Wrong, but a chance to build each other up in our most holy faith in Jesus through the holy spirit. We are not bound by tearing each other down or jealousy. We are one body working together with our savior to see our friends come to know him and live in hiss fullness. Let the Bakers find truth in Jesus and bear fruit, for who are we to judge, only God had the authority to judge. If they fall short, Lord let them find repentance in you, and Lord I pray you would bless them as I would myself desire to be blessed. Lord I pray you would surround them with brothers and sisters to help guide them and encourage them to run the race you have given them. Lord I pray they would discover all you have for them in Christ Jesus and use them to make disciples of all Nations, baptizing them in you the Father, andcyour Son and your Spirit.

    Father give us all revelation, love for one another and love for those that harm us.


    • Dear Sammy.

      Shalom, and love in Yeshua.

      The more I read from the supporters of Heidi Baker, the more I know I have hit the nail on the head. You are not willing to take Bible believers seriously. You are not interested in debating what it means to follow a “different Jesus”. You promote whatever you like, as long as someone said “it must be Jesus”, or ‘it is the Holy Spirit”. You do not need the Bible. You are a law by your selves.

      I do not know how to make you listen. You are in need of deliverance, before it is to late. Jesus will tell a lot in your camp: “I never knew you”.

  16. I agree with you fully, Ivar.

    No matter how many good works a person does, (be it Heidi Baker or Mother Teresa) – if they preach another gospel, another Jesus, and operate in another spirit/anointing (whith false charismatic manifestations), than theh Holy Spirit, then it doesn’t matter how ‘nice’ they are.

    The question must always be: do they love, hold fast to, and preach the truth?

    • To Sammy: Love to you in Christ Jesus brother! You said “Let the Bakers find truth in Jesus and bear fruit” I absolutely agree! The Scripture says “Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.” -Matthew 7:20 What is the fruit of the Baker’s ministry? Hundreds of thousands have come to a personal relationship with Yeshua (Jesus) first and foremost. They see countless people fed every day (including with miracles of multiplication of food). They see countless healed and delivered of demons (and if they’re delivering demons how can the Prince of Demons drive out demons according to Mark 3:20-26?) Is this bad fruit?

      To Ivarjfeld: Love to you in Yeshua as well my brother! You said: “you are not willing to take Bible believers seriously… you promote whatever you like… I do not know how to make you listen. you are in need of deliverance.” Brother… brother brother brother. Arguing about all of this is not going to solve any of this at all. You will probably leave with your same views and I will probably leave with mine. And to be honest, I feel slammed and I can’t speak for Sammy but if I were him I would feel slammed in the face. You are accusing people of things you can’t be accusing people of. I take Bible-believers seriously (as you can see I use as much Scripture reference as I can because I’m a Bible-believer myself) I absolutely do not promote whatever I like, I am listening, because otherwise if I didn’t care for you brother I wouldn’t write back. You also cannot say that I, Sammy or Heidi Baker are in need of deliverance. There is a gift of discerning of spirits according to 1 Corinthians 12 but I can tell you that that gift is not used to tear down people or ministries but to build up of others, or at the most to gently warn them and invite them to repentance, but never to slam or slander people. That is not of God. Colossians 3:8 says “but now you must rid yourself of all such things as these:… malice..slander.” Colossians 3:12-14 continues to say, “Therefore as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues put on love which binds them all together in perfect unity.” According to these verses, Heidi seems completely in the right to me.

      • Dear Johannes.

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        I would not believe in the Jesus of Rome, even if an angel of light appear just in front of me, and say he is the Messiah.

        I do not believe in the Jesus of Rome, despite one billion Roman Catholics getting food every day.

        I will never believe in the “Jesus” of Heidi Baker, even if 100.000 people in Mosambique claim to have been helped by her ministry.

        I will never believe in “a Jesus” who make “the Bakers” loose control of their senses. Who shakes like unclean Kundalini Hindu spirits, who give them electrical shocks, paralyses them, and give them non Biblical super revelations. This kind of different Jesus makes his followers follow false prophets, who anoint them with a false Holy spirit.

        I believe in the Word of God. I believe in Jesus the Messiah, who is hundred per cent faithful to the scriptures. He has given me the Holy Spirit, a spirit of God who is soft and gentle. The Spirit of truth. The Holy Spirit will never go against the teachings of Jesus, nor add to scriptures.

      • Dear brother Ivarjfeld

        Shalom and love in Yeshua

        Well… again I will remind you, that before the day of Pentecost in Acts, that people outside thought the people inside the meeting were drunken fools. Well, people probably still think that anyone who has an encounter with the living Yeshua that’s different from those previous are crazy. But, I can see that there’s no swaying you. I have taken everything you’ve written into consideration and prayer, however I’m still skeptical that “the Bakers” are following a “false Messiah.” Keep in mind that weird and normal only fit within a framework of someone’s grid of understanding. So if anyone ever does something that doesn’t fit within that framework of your own mind and what you understand, even from the Scripture, it’s simply “wrong.” I pray that we all receive understanding from our Yeshua Meshiac. Love and shalom to you again.

      • Dear Johannes.


        Those who claimed that the disciples were drunk mocked them. They were not drunk. They were very much sane, and shared the gospel in languages not understandable to the mockers, who thought they were babbling. Like drunkards often do.

        The presentation of the gospel must have been up to the mark. 3.000 people were saved and baptized in one day, by 120 students of Jesus.

        During the so called Toronto revival, men around Kenneth Hagin mocks God by playing drunk.

        Its difficult to see a sane person in the audience, during what was surely an outpouring of deception and lawlessness.

        You should google, and look at the video’s available. Men acting like dogs, doing acts of sodomy. Kenneth Copeland laughs uncontrolled of the blasphemy in front of him,. The crowed rejoices, and many makes animal noises.

        This kind of acts are not only stupidity. It is outright blasphemy against a Holy God. Please keep in mind that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven.

        Keep away from such people, who have been anointed with unclean spirits. They claim this is the Holy Spirit, but it is not. It is the same spirit that are used by New Age’ers, the Kundalini spirit. The first anointed with these spirits, were ancient Hindu priests. Now these spirits spread like a cancer within Christianity, promoters by the supporters of Haigin, Copeland and Heidi Baker. Among others.

        Please look at this video:

  17. I suggest Ivor go and volunteer as a helper at Iris in Mozambique for a week and then come back and tell us how wrong Heidi Baker is. Read the Book.

    • Dear Sharon.


      First: Good works can not save. Neither for the Pope, nor for Heidi Baker.

      Second: Demonic powers presented as the “Holy Spirit” leads people towards the gates of Hell.

      Third: We do a lot of good works on the other side of the Indian Ocean too.

      Forth: The most important thing we do, is to preach the Gospel. We explain that the Holy Spirit is a wonderful councilor, not harming anyone, not paralyzing anyone, not leading people into sounding like animals, soaking in the spirits of the air.

      Fifth: A lot of people who have encountered “The bakers” are in need of deliverance. One lady that did “the Shake”, and fell backward and over me, in a fellowship meeting, are now delivered and healed. We called her aside, canceled the false anointing, and set her free.

      This young lady is now behaving with the elegance of Holiness, and do not give a bad testimony about a Holy God to people around her.

      May Jesus the Messiah bring deliverance to all who walk in such false anointing, and also the false brethren that imparts unclear spirits on others. Amen.

  18. Does the bible ever explain in detail what went on when Jesus spent time with God in prayer? No, because it was between him an God…the bible gives us a model of how to pray but not the words to pray – why? because he doesn’t want us to get caught up on the right words. What ends up hurting so many people and turning them away from God’s love is that there is alot of lack in what Hiedi Baker has…it’s a childlike faith. She knows the word and knows the scriptures, – people will know that we are his children by out love – this is what has gotten ahold of Heidi’s heart and …..this radical lover of our souls is working thru Heidi to set so many broken children free to love him back. I have seen the hurt that has streams thru so many that will not hear the law of God because it has been served without love, served with judgement ……our job is to love and holy spirits job is to teach, comfort, guidel…….

  19. Show me the dead being raised, don’t just believe it because she says so. As far as being slain in the Spirit, that is not always false. God dropped my husband down hard when he wasn’t even a believer, and spoke to him. Occasionally God does things that even you don’t expect.

  20. “I often wonder if religion is the enemy of God. It’s almost like religion is what happens when the Spirit has left the building.” (Bono/U2)

    • Religion is the enemy of God. It is why Jesus came!! Read the NT and see how he gave the religious leaders of the time such a hard time, rebuking them, cursing them and even denying them and what they stood for….which was His Father!!! We will always, always always, because of our flesh, eventually try to bring our agenda’s into the picture. That we can be certain of. When you read the Bible it is alive with truth to show how quickly we can sway from the straight path. Look at how Paul struggled with the early churches! It is no different today! That is why it is so important for us to acknowledge the part we have to play, which really is NO part!! What does that mean….well stay with me please and keep reading.
      We twist the message of the Cross, and can even go to the point of completely abandoning it, although we love and follow and believe in Jesus. How do we do this? The issue of ‘works’ comes in and I really sense from listening to the video above and reading a lot of the comments posted, that the truth of the matter is still not being addressed. We feel we are not functioning in the fullness of the Spirit unless we are ‘experiencing’ His presense and performing ‘signs and wonders’. As you have just read…the word to be wary of is…performing. Even Heidi talks about having to go to seek after more of the ‘experience’ etc etc. Look, who am I? Noone special. Do I have a degree in theology? No. I haven’t started a church or raised someone from the dead. But one thing I do know is that I have recieved the Holy Spirit. I have only recently experienced healing and a strong presense of the Spirit on my life. Maybe deep down we would all like to get whacked out in the Spirit but I don’t want that just for the sake of it. I wanted it to mean something. So I prayed and asked God to give me a revelation through His Word. Well one day at home out of the blue while I was reading Romans aloud, the Spirit came and I was incoherant and drunk in the Spirit for a good hour. I did not expect it or try to bring it on. It just happened. This is how He operates. Not how we try to MAKE Him operate. When you understand the true message of being saved by His glorious Grace and the more I have been seeking Him through Grace I have discovered a power and truth that is not being taught in many churches these days. The spiritual power in the church has been sooooo squashed that when we see others operating in it we will question from where it comes. And I say Amen to that!! We are to test these things definitely. We can all quote scripture to back it up, I’m sure!! But lets address the heart of the matter, it is our own hearts! We often tend to desire the gift than the giver! We will raise ourselves or others up, than glorify the Holy and Righteous One. We all want to do great things but who did the greatest of them all?!?! God will use whoever, whosoever believes in Him. I believe God uses Heidi, but where we are human, we can also fall into sin. So lets pray for those that stray from the path to return to the Way and the Truth. His Grace is sufficient for us, shouldn’t we extend the same?

      • Hi, All,

        When Jesus did miracle to people and declared he is the son of God, the local religous people suspected that he is from demon, and later even decided to kill him.

        I always want to ask my Christian leaders that why these religous people did not think of praying to God to ask what is right or wrong. They were in old testmony time period and they did not have holy spirit. But still they could ask their priest to go to temple and pray to God to ask if this man is from demon or from God, and ask what they should do with him. God should answer them.

        Same situation today. Instead of judging Heidy Baker, we should pray and ask Jesus Christ and get answer from him. If we pray and ask the clear questions, God should answer by himself, rather than let the demon to pretend him. What if he does not answer, then we need to wait, but do not judge quickly on ourselves.

        However, this world is realy complexed and confused. Even a decent Christian could get lost easily and could not figure out which is truely from God and which is from demon.

        For example, the near death experience. Many people reported their NDE stories, and some see Jesus, some see Alah, and some get the conclusion of all in one after their back to physical life. If our God has the fully control on birth and death, how can these people see different Gods in near death experience?

        It is also confused that Heidy Baker saved so many dead people and turned them back to life. So the demon could control the life and death? What does God control then?

        The significant difference between Christian and other religons is that God instruct us and lead us to grow through the holy spirit. Nowadays, we could not judge if the dead people coming back to life is from God or demon. It shows that we have disconnection to our God. We need to humbly bow down to pray to our God, not just ask him this death-life question, but also rebuild the connection to him.

        What if he does not answer our pray? Then the Atheist raise their flag. Our God will not just instruct us on some bible teachings, not just comfort our feeling and spirit, he must answer us on these critical questions, since we are his children and we want to follow him.

        Personally, I do not think those extreme performance are the right way to demonstrate Christian, just from my gut. I could not use the bible to judge it, since bible has both stories: the kind peaceful one and the crazy one.

        Let us pray to God, and find the answer. If you do not find the answer, do not stop, continue searching, and one day you will find the truth.

        But wait a minute, did not Heidy Baker pray to God every time before she play the miracle? Does it mean that we should suspect the answer to our pray? If so, what should we trust then?

        God, could you answer me this bigger question rather than the death-life question? When we pray to you, are you going to answer or the demon sometimes going to answer?

        God, I have to find you, and I have to know you, only you.


  21. I bought the video about Heidi and was very impressed with her self reports of all the miracles done through her. Then I saw her in person and this is the point when I was very disturbed by her mocking statement that “just because its not in the book doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it” That got a laugh out of the audience and it aligned with Bill Johnsons statement “the Holy Spirit trumps the bible” Of course how they define the Holy Spirit is bizarre, strange, and insane looking manifestations of hysterical laughing, seizure like movements where chaos takes over a service.

    This means that a subjective experience is more important than the Word. God said of the Word “I have exalted my word above my name. As I heard other’s influenced by Heidi Baker speak I realized there was no bizarre thing that they weren’t willing to attribute to the Holy Spirit, which makes church a free for all of excess with no evidence of decency and order. After 6 months in such a congregation in which things like gold dust fell from the ceiling I began to realize they were teaching another gospel, very little scriptural content, what there is, is taken out of context. As a result of seeing Heidi Baker, and her cohorts that sponsored her visit to our church I left the Charismatic movement.

    • frightening for the souls that follow her ..there are many that believe that way and they fill the pews just like the people fill the tents of a circus they have come to see the acts and hear the testimony of…the most wicked defiled to fill their aww at the wonders….till the circus comes to town again.. sad. but true they take twenty minutes talking on the sins they were in
      and the crowd. eats it up …then two or three minutes on Jesus. the. crowd goes away telling all gving Satan glory …then call it a testimony next week the crowds get larger to hear more “‘..few will hear. the word of God and the love of Jesus to listen to. the pastor calling them on the alter call..

  22. Heidi reminds me of Arthur Blessitt and Jackie Pullinger who used to be christian heroes to me until I found Christ.

  23. Pingback: Heidi Baker and her “living GOD’s” | News that matters·

  24. I’m still a bit confused, and don’t know what to make of her and her ministry. Many people keep her in high regard – even our pastor this morning. All tell this and this… feeding the poor healing the sick were the good fruits… however I come to the conclusion, when reading Paul or listen to Jesus/Yeshua’s sermons, that the Holy Spirit lead’s us in all truth and righteousness, which is per definition the Word of God, he will write it into our heart, so it will be near to us. He seems to direct us to trust, that God’s law is good for us and wanting to obey and teach others, too… In Matt.7:21 Jesus basically defines the bad fruit as practicing lawlessness (we sometimes confuse the law written down by Moses with the laws of the Pharesees, but they were putting up their own traditions legalizing ruthlessness as seen in Matt.15:1-6); I don’t know you. Go away from me all you who practice lawlessness. And John said in 1John 2:3-7 that “knowing” is keeping his commandments. And if one correctly differentiates between (at least)all the seven Laws that Paul talks of (Law of God, Law of Sin; Law of Sin and Death; Law of the Spirit of Life, Law of Faith, Law of Righteousness and Law of Christ) one comes also away with that the Holy Spirit is the one directing us to God’s law and keeping it…(Romans 7:12+14 or 10:1-8 in connection with Deut 30:11-14 also Galatians 5:16-25) That is what I see the spirit is supposed to do. I find that in stark contrast to being paralized and babbling uncontrollably for 30 minutes without even a word from scripture… and most disturbing to me is, that even Pastors are ignorant of this.

  25. I forgot to mention that Jesus is the Word…so the Holy Spirit makes us also trusting in Jesus, that he fills our righteousness, but that we keep on track and not make the blood of Jesus void either by not not accepting it or by trampling it and grieving the Holy Spirit (Hebr 10:26ff) I find Hebr. 4:2 a central verse in this: The Good news is also preached in the so called “OT”, but they didn’t mix it with faith/trust, that God provides for the ultimate forgiveness, producing more and more rules to God`s perfect law. Likewise we, we should mix our trusting in “super-grace” with keeping God’s Law…

  26. To:Ruth Cooper (January 5,2013) said:
    “Ivarfjeld: I have seen many videos of HB and have listened very carefully. I hear HB tell how faithful she is, how holy she is , how humble she is, how much she loves Jesus.”
    Ruth, you are so right!-She talks so much about her doings and her sufferings and the extravagant visions that God gives her BUT without ministering to the people.
    I’ve heard say many times that she saw Jesus eyes full of love and passion for her and that the Father absolutely adores her because he tells her so.
    Once while she was preaching, she stopped and she said;”I love you too, Lord!”.
    Let me tell you something: this woman has caused me more spiritual damage than the devil!
    God is my witness!
    See how people leave her meetings an awe of her instead of being in awe of Jesus!
    She is eclipsing God’s glory because people end up admiring her and desiring to be like her instead of desiring to be like Jesus!
    Sometimes I’m on the phone ministering to people and I hear the Lord say: “I love you!”.
    Do you think that I would reply aloud “I love You too’?
    Imagine how the person on the other end of the line would feel.
    do you think that at that moment they would feel the love of Jesus for them?-Of course not.They would feel that the Lord was preferring me over them!
    Also: if we are going to tell others that we saw Jesus eyes full of love and passion for us,the right way to do it is by telling others that they may have never had a similar vision but that the same love and passion we saw in his eyes for us He also has for them!
    We all worship together but then when the time comes to preach, she likes to do her personal ‘devotion” that she have done previously while asking the Lord for a word to give to the people.
    Instead she focus on herself and makes love declarations to the Lord while the people are watching her.
    They are neither worshiping because she is distracting them and they are waiting to hear the Word of God but instead it’s always about her visions, over and over and over!
    There is a show on TLC called “The sister wives” where a man (mormon) has 4 wives.
    They all have their night with him and at times they meet in the living room for fellowship.
    Imagine if one of the wives would come to Kody’s feet (the guy’s name) and say in the presence of the other wives;”Kody, I’m wooing you to come to me’.
    How would the other wives react?-They would feel disrespected and so would the husband since that woman was not respecting his love for the other wives and their love for him!
    That’s exactly how I feel when we as the body of Christ are reunited
    in fellowship and this woman comes and starts saying to Jesus;’Lord, I’m wooing you to come to me”.
    don’t we have the secret place to open how heart to the Lord and tell Him how we feel?
    Do we must display it in the face of those who also love Him?
    Once the Lord told me that he is not impressed by these public displays of affection towards Him because he sees the hearts of those who listening to her and how they feel inferior!
    It’s like you said:people think that she is the thing next to God!
    Once she said that she only knew one more person who was like her: a radical lover!
    Then one day the Lord spoke these words to me;”Beam of ceder”.
    I didn’t understand the meaning.
    Later I was reading something about the beams sustaining the house and I remember that word.That’s when the Lord said that it meant:radical lover!
    As you see, we all who seek Him with all our hearts are radical lovers!-God loves us all the same and He is no respecter of persons!
    Anyone who causes people to be in awe of them rather that being in awe of Jesus, have failed.
    And to those who are in awe of the miracles and the thousands of churches and thousands of orphans being fed,etc…
    No one raises up the dead but Jesus Himself by the power of the Holy Ghost!
    It’s not too hard to feed thousands of orphans when you have people sending you millions of dollars!-I would do the same !
    As for the time she spends in prayer, why not?-She doesn’t have a secular job and she has people under her doing the work.
    I remember when she herself claimed the many hours she spends in worship: 8 to 9 hours a day!
    Well, those who send her money have to spend that same amount of time working in order to make a living!
    Only Jesus Christ deserves to be glorified!-Forget the vessel and keep Your eyes on Jesus!
    Remember the words of John the Baptist:”I must decrease and He must increase”!
    One of the things that the Lord revealed to me several years ago is that there is a contest going on on the pulpit:people trying to prove that they are the ones who have more intimacy with Jesus!
    The Lord also said that He is the One Who knows who His intimate lovers are!
    Keep your eyes on the One who died for us on the cross and repent for idolizing a human being that is nothing but a sinner saved by the grace of God!-We all are!
    The sad thing is: they don’t even preach the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ which is the power of God unto salvation to those who believe. They preach their experiences and their visions!
    Visions can never replace the Gospel!
    And by the way: I have read the testimonies of some people who have served with her and they have questioned many things!
    One said that when a preacher rebuked that woman (I don’t even like to mention her name) she turned to the volunteers and she accused them of being their fault that the Lord was displeased.Then she called them to come to her feet and repent because they weren’t giving their all to the Lord!
    That same person said that she compared their rules to the things to watch for in a cult and that they fulfill most of them!
    I also read couple of nights ago about the for that people need to fill out in order to serve with them and I was appalled at their questions.
    Basically neither the apostles or Jesus could have passed their test since they all had wine on the Last Supper and now they would have to answer if they have ever had wine!
    They ask very personal questions about sexual sins people have committed in the past.
    Doesn’t the Bible say that if we confess our sins to God he is Faithful and Just to forgive us and to clean us of every unrighteousness?
    Doesn’t the Bible say that even though our sins were red as scarlet they have become white as snow?
    Father, I thank You for the cleansing power of the Blood of Your Son!-Amen!

  27. One more thing:
    A woman testified at the airport Church several years ago that while she was watching Heidi Baker she felt that she could never be like her and that she could never please the Lord the same way and that her desire was to run away from the Lord.
    Do you think that this is the work of the Holy Spirit?
    The Holy Spirit desire is to bring people to the Lord not to cause them to run away for feeling inferior!

    Being born in Portugal, I decided to stay in the gap for my nation.
    I hugged Roland Baker and I said:I’m from Portugal and I want to ask you for forgiveness for all the sins against Mozambique.
    He gave me a look that I can only describe as hatred!
    I understand that he has seen the result of all those years of colonialism but it’s not my fault!

  28. Correction:
    (English is my second language and I wrote so fast that I made some mistakes).
    When I wrote these words:
    “We all worship together but then when the time comes to preach, she likes to do her personal ‘devotion” that she have done previously while asking the Lord for a word to give to the people.”

    What I meant was:
    “We all worship together but then when the time comes to preach
    she likes to do her personal devotion which she SHOULD HAVE DONE previously while she (should be asking) the Lord for a word to give to the people”.

    Instead they choose to take the time when they are supposed to preach to do their personal ‘devotion” while being paid!

    When Jesus went to the temple he didn’t choose that time to worship the Father intimately. He did that when he used to get up early and go to the Mount of Olives to pray!

    In the Temple he taught the Word of God and healed the sick and delivered those oppressed of the devil!

    I love to worship the Lord and I have had the micro in my hands to give a word of knowledge or a prophetic word or to pray (at the request of my pastor) but I never chose that time to try to impress the Lord (He is not impressed by the way) or to impress others about my intimacy with Jesus!

    Let’s imitate the Lord alone!

  29. Why would she call her ministry IRIS? Iris was a Greek goddess and means rainbow; this alone should tell you something. Remember the coherence between New Age and rainbow?

  30. Amen for exposing this FALSE PROPHET and FALSE TEACHER!

    I guess when Jesus warned 4 times MORE about deception than He did anything else, He was judging too huh? According to some of the comments here. Or when the apostle Paul said to mark, rebuke, and avoid those teaching error. Or when the apostle John said we aren’t even suppose to let false teachers into our homers or greet them. I guess they were all the original haters eh? Sad when people twist scripture.

    1 Corin. 5 IS very clear we are to judge those who profess to be in the faith and that God judges outside the church.

    Keep warning!!

    This rank “drunk in the spirit” junk is rank heresy!

  31. These scriptures addresses what you are arguing about, be carefull
    what spirit you call demon , not even the angels (jude 1:8-10) accuse or slander the devil, if Heidi is working through the Holy Spirit , then you have sinned greatly by calling Him a demon, be carefull

    mathew 12:25-28 especially verse :31 House divided cannot stand
    mark 16:17-18 miracles do happen , and we will know them by their fruits
    mathew 25:34-40 whatever you do for the least you do unto Christ

  32. When my husband got saved, he had a supernatural encounter. He was knocked to the floor where he lay while Jesus delivered him of the demons that had tormented him with what he describes as “fire, glazed over my eyeballs and burning through my bones.” Afterward he learned of how the bible says “our God is a jealous God, an all consuming fire.” In Hebrews,

    While I have certainly seen a lot in my life as a Christian – a lot of false stuff in “charismatic” circles (I shudder at denominating name tags), yet I just read today how Jesus said that he could not do his miracles through Satan, as a possessed man (as he was accused), because “a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.”

    I’m looking online to see Heidi’s stances on mothering and being fruitful and multiplying – open to learning from Jesus as people share what they have learned through the scriptures. When I see the way she interacts with children I see love, and if it is sincere and genuine than that is nothing short of a fruit of the Holy Spirit.

    God can manifest his glory whatever way he likes, who are we to second guess him. Yet “test all things and hold fast to what is true.” This is the right thing to do, but also the bible says that the greatest command is to love. Don’t despise this teaching, embrace the full message of Christ and the cross.

  33. Gemika. Jesus does not do false miracles because He is holy and righteous, but sadly satan (actually falseprophet) does false pseudo miracles just as the anti-christ will do to deceive others. Do not be drawn only to miracles but instead to Christ’s blood and death on the cross and His resurrection as the foundation. The Gospel is our focus. Miracles are done by followers of Christ I agree, but there is discernment and testing of spirits needed to be done also to distinguish between God’s true miralces, and the false miracles. May you be blessed sister.

  34. When I saw this blog, what I felt was sadness. It so sad that fellow brothers/sisters, call themselves a Christian, was so deceive so easily and judge the people whom Jesus loves..

    To the author, researcher, approve, reviewer and editor of this blog, two things I want to ask:

    1. Have you read Matthew 18:15-20?
    It may look as personal or within the same church only, but since we all believe in Jesus Christ, we received the same Holy Spirit, we are the church of Christ. Heidi Baker received Jesus and is not professing another god except the One we believe.
    What I am trying to say is, if you think what Heidi Baker doing is against the Holy Spirit, rebuke/correct her as what Matthew 18:15-20 is saying.
    If what she’s doing is contradicting to what you believe, then it means she’s opposing what you believe, then she is offending you.
    When you wrote and posted this, have you ever talked to her personally and raised this to her? Have you ever asked her what she really felt and what are her visions?
    If so, what was her respond? If she did not listened, have you asked the opinion of other churches or leaders?

    2. Have you rad 1 Corinthians 10:23-24?
    “Think before you speak. Think before you click.”
    Before you posted this, how was your heart? What was your intention?
    I know you don’t want the people to be deceived, but have you checked your heart if your not the one being deceived.
    Deceived is believing what your doing is right even it is completely wrong.
    I’ve never personally met Heidi Baker and I just knew about her recently. But to tell you honestly, listening to her testimony brought-up the fire in me that I lost, to reach out to more people who need help. To change their lives by introducing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them.
    What if someone who got the same desire through her testimony read this? You think you will encourage that person to go and fulfill the great commission? or loosen their heart and turn-off the fire in their heart?
    What if you are wrong and Heidi Baker is truly from the Holy Spirit? Internet make the earth smaller. Millions of people can read this. Believers and non-believers. Member and non-member of their church. Instead of leading the non-believer to God, you are misleading them. And maybe causing division within the church.

    I am not a perfect person. I am a sinner. But I know God loves me, all of us, even Heidi Baker.. So don’t judge so easily.

    Do not be one of those people who wanted to stone the prostitute.

    Can you pray for all of us that the Spirit of God will always be upon us and open our eyes and not be blinded.

    Thank you and God bless us brothers and sisters…

  35. Well will you look at that, mission accomplished…that was easy. An old trick of the devil…Just make an accusation against one of God’s people and you will get them fighting against each other about who’s right!!! He doesn’t need to come up with anything new because this old strategy works like a charm. How about we pray for one another instead of falling for the distractions. Do what you are commanded to do…love your neighbor as yourself, pray for the saints at all times, go out into the world and share the good news!!! And don’t forget to put on the full armor of God!

    • @CT: “Do what you are commanded to do. . . love your neighbor as yourself, pray for the saints at all times, go out into the world and share the good news!!!”

      Other commands include: judge righteously (John 7:24); contend for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints (Jude 1:3); mark those who cause divisions (Romans 16:17); rebuke sharply – so that they may be sound in the faith and free from error (Titus 1:13).

  36. Heidi baker is living how Jesus instructed christians to live. I have met her, she is the REAL DEAL!!!! NOTHING about her is demonic!! I find it hilarious that people would even put Heidi baker and demon in the same sentence! pahahahhahapahahha!!!

    SHE LOVES JESUS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH AND SHE LOVES PEOPLE!!!!!!! THIS IS WHAT THE GOSPEL TEACHES US TO DO. why be so hard on her simply because she didnt mention sin or repentance in the short video that you watched? lol I understand that your doing what you believe is right but be careful in judging. I know one thing the LORD JESUS CHRIST is pleased with this woman!

  37. Unless you have met her and know otherwise… God uses her. Shame on the people who refuse to let God be God.

    • Dear Destin

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      Heidi Baker is a new Mother Teresa. This article attacking her is SATAN.

      My reply:

      You might be right about Heidi Baker being a “new Mother Teresa”. And sine Mother Theresa was not a Christian, my best guess is that this explains my viewpoint. There are a lot of people doing social work and helping the poor. Including a lot of Hindus, Buddhists, and NEW Ager’s like Heidi Baker.

  38. Mother Teresa was a Christian. I am Christian baptized in Catholic Church. I was coming from Buddhist background, I knew Buddhists. They help no body but themselves, greedy and corrupted. To others they look so sweet and peaceful people, but among themselves they have committed gravely sins against GOD. Look at Cambodia. 90% people live under poverty, only about 10% are wealthy. Without the Christians help them, they will be ended up dead. I was almost dead too, but GOD saved me, and I was the only child survived. I did not just wake up and became a Chrstian, I dreamed saw GOD in a form of a Giant moon and it was bright and a voice of my father told me to worship GOD, so I knelt down and worshiped HIM that when I was very sick dying on my deathbed. The next day I was healed talking like a healthy kid. My father was Buddhist why did he tell met that Giant moon was GOD in my dream? Later I had a vision, I saw and met the Lord, Lord Jesus, it was like real. GOD saved my life and brought me to the US and He has guided me until this hour. To me who believes in GOD the Father, and does HIS Will and follows HIS Son, Lord Jesus CHRIST is Christian. If you reject me that I am not Christian, you better face the Lord and challenge HIM by yourself. He is my Father. You can classify who are Christians, and who are not as you feel like, but GOD is the Only judge, not you, no body, but only HIM.

    Glory to HIS Name forever and ever. Amen.


  39. How do you know I was not baptized in the Catholic Church? Your testimony about Buddhists miserably failed,
    claiming that Buddhists helped others? In facts I was Buddhist. The Buddhist believed No GOD, have Zero fear of GOD.
    They worship Idols, and they practice opposite to GOD’s Laws. They may not hurt or harm others, but they do to their own
    people. In Thailand, the King is god, and his family members are gods. The majority of people are very poor, some sold their
    Kids for a few dollars. In Cambodia, King was god, later Pol Pot, now Hun Sen and his family are gods, and killing people to keep
    power is their daily life. The majority of Buddhists are so poor, how can they help others? Look at Dalai Lama who escaped from
    his native land of Tibet. He was the ruler of his native land Tibet before China took over. Did he help others? No. Preaching false
    Doctrine and always bragged and claimed Buddhism good this or that. The facts without Christians (GOD’s children) helped
    and saved them they would have been dead ot tortured to death in their own place already.
    People like you have always helped the liars to lie more, and have always go around judged people.
    Similar to Buddhism is Hindu, because Buddhism found by an Indian Hindu prince, he later was known as Gotama Buddha.
    He was a very good man according to his biography, but his doctrine was no different than Einstein’s Relativity that was found
    to be wrong. Likewise Buddha’s Noble truths when put it into practice, it led to destroy nations and lives.
    The Buddhists have always denied, sure they have to. When men worship men like Buddhas
    as Gods, they were all miserable defeated by the true Living GOD as always.
    And you, you have no position nor authority was given to you from above to judge any body, only
    Lord Jesus Christ, the Living GOD that has all authorities to judge the living and the deads.


    PS: “Do Not Judge or you too will be judged”. Matthew 7:1


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