Posted on April 12, 2012

Exiled Iranian prince urges Israel not to attack

“Don’t bomb Teheran, but rather support the opposition”. These are the words of Prince Reza Pahlavi. He is the exiled son of the late Iranian leader, Shah Reza Pahlavi. The Iranian prince gave his public statement to Israel’s Channel 10 TV on Monday. Reza Pahlavi underline that a military attack on the Islamic Republic’s renegade … Continue reading

Sharia in the UK force ban on Israeli ad

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a press ad displaying the Golan Heights as part of the state of Israel. The ad, which also promoted a book about Northern Israel, ran in November and attracted 350 complaints from members of the public and bodies such as 1948 Lest We Forget, Friends of Al Aqsa, … Continue reading

The Message Bible pointing to One World Religion

The Message “Bible” is gaining popularity in leaps and bounds, deceiving readers and pointing them towards the new age and a one world religion. The Message is being read across the world, a paraphrase of scripture in ‘contemporary’ language. This book uses vulgar language in attempts to be “hip” and in tune with the language … Continue reading

Vatican: Peace with Buddhists is the Golden Way to Peace

The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue emphasizes the quest for truth that is shared by Buddhists and Catholics. The council sent a message to Buddhist celebrating the birth of Buddha – the feast Vesakh. The message, titled “Seeking Truth in Freedom: Christians and Buddhists Live in Peace,” was publicized yesterday by the Vatican. Cardinal Jean-Louis … Continue reading