Willow Creek pastor demonize Israel as “occupying power”

Lynne Hybels from Willow Creek joined the anti-Semitic conference Christ at the Checkpoint in 2011. She was back this year too.

Lynne Hybles defame Israel and embrace falsehood.

Wife of Willow Creek head pastor Bill Hybels is one of the US Charismatic pastors who has started to embrace “Palestinian liberation theology”.

She takes her message with her as she travel to Churches around the globe.

Lynne is not employed at Willow Creek, but joins her husbands ministry as a volunteer.

Together they are a “pastoral couple”.

On the official website Lynne Hybels calls Israel an “Occupying power”.

Willow Creek is a Church planting organization that belong to the so-called “Emerging Church movement”.

Her is a link to the promotion video:

My comment:

The “Emerging Church” claims to modernize or renew the Church. But what they to is to redefine Christianity, and change its Biblical foundation.

This is a brilliant example.

When Christianity is redefined a a social justice movement based on emotions, the Scriptures will eventually twisted to accept lawlessness. In particular the eternal promises to the Jews will be deleted, or globalized.

The Evangelical Church must make up its mind:

Do you still want to be a Biblical church, or will you walk away with the deceivers of the flock?

One of the supporters of this conference, represents a quite Radical fulfillment theology view. As recorded in Jerusalem Post, Christian edition. This is the views of Rev.Naim Ateek, an Anglican canon:

 “ It seems to many of us that Jesus is on the cross again with  thousand of crucified Palestinians around him….The Israeli Government crucifixion system is operating daily”.

Another Sebeel Center speaker, late Prof. Michel Prior denounced the Bible as ” a dangerous book”, “written by very narrow minded xenophobic, perhaps militaristic…pinheaded bigots”, and which mandates genocide.  Prior died in 2004.

Written by Ivar

13 responses to “Willow Creek pastor demonize Israel as “occupying power”

  1. Thanks for the heads up on Willow Creek. I’m aware of being “Warrenized” and had to break out of the effects of Rick Warren and now what he is doing with Chrislam.

  2. It is sad to learn of all these movements that are attacking the state of Israel.

    End times are approaching… Many shall be deceived and if possible the elect. Hold fast to Messiah and His Words, as He gives us His truth! Test your faith! Test everything in Scripture and may the Holy Spirit of YHWH guide us to all truth. Study Torah and Brit Chadashah!

    Am Yisrael Chai!


  3. GEEEE what kind of person would do something like that i feel islam is creeping into thier church to brainwash them into lies about israel and trap them into thier trap into islamic ideology to tell all the churches the lies. someone needs to get out there and say to the churches do not follow her or her husbands church and other churches. they need to know that israel has been there for more than 3,000 years she really needs to wake up

  4. This is so—I don’t even know how to respond to this. Outrageous is a word that comes to mind. There are so many false shepherds leading Christians today. But then, a great apostasy was prophesied for the time just before the return of our Messiah Yeshua. I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of the false shepherds when Messiah does come.

  5. These are the Last Days & Endtimes of Matthew 24,mark 13,Luke 21,and 2nd Timothy 3 to just name a few obvious Prophetic passages. Jesus stated that there would be false teachesr & false prophets and doctrines of DEmons and all the rest- I think of the apostacy of Chrislam and I see the religion of the antiChrist. I hear of this sort of Emerging Church worldview and all I see is Satan and his agenda being empwered and enabled.

  6. This is sick… Israel is like the mother of the church. Only a bitter person rejects their own mother. I am very much afraid that these “christians” (small ‘c’ intended), have sold their souls. They are supposed to be praying for the peace of Israel; not peace simply for themselves – that is how spiritual babies pray.

  7. It’s a shame for anyone who calls himself a Christian to go against Israel, much less for someone who takes a role of leadership in a church. Willow Creek church doesn’t do anyone a favor in spreading lies…We used to send our son to their summer camps. Well, can’t do that anymore! We are Messianic believers and we firmly believe that the theme of Israel should be the theme for prayers about their salvation with deep and sincere love towards God’s chosen nation, not about painting them as enemies of the world. We’ve already had one Holocaust – let’s not promote another one!

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  9. She should read Matthew 11 playing particular attention to verse 25. She has obviously lost her bearings. BUT, our Lord will judge all things and all thoughts, so be not afraid.

  10. My apologies. Matthew is on my mind this week. The pasage I meant to cite is ROMANS 11.

  11. Willow Creek is part of the Church Grow Movement. They don’t proclaime God of the Bible. They proclame, whatever tickles the ears

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