All kind of idol worshipers are Babylonians

All religions have the same source. Their symbols and idols have its origin in the Babylonian culture.

A Hindu man with a mark on his forehead, ready one day to take the mark of the beast.

Who said that Hinduism do not have the same symbols as the religions of Ancient Egypt, where the Sun god of Babylon was worshiped.

The Egyptian goddess Issis with the symbol of the sun god on her head.

And as we have seen before, Catholicism has the same source, using the same image. Quite few Catholics are not aware of the meaning of the word ” Catholic”. It means “Universal”.

The banner of a Catholic Cardinal with the symbol of the sun god.

So next time you say I am a “Catholic”, please bear this in mind. Because if you are a Christian, you are supposed to bear the name of Christ Jesus.

So please quit being a part of the universal Babylonian religion. Follow the Bible, and become a child of the living God.

Please look at the rest of  this photo feature:  Next: The warm smile of Lord Jagannatha:

I am not so sure if I like the smile on this image, suppose to be god. The mark of the sun god in the center of the forehead.

This image is of Lord Jagannath, the main god within Hinduism. Lets read the explanation in Wikipedia:

Jagannātha means ‘master, lord’ (nātha) of the ‘World, Universe’ (jagat). …

Lets look at a couple of other images.

A Vishnu devotee with the same mark on his forehead.

Can the Hindus explain the Lord of the Universe by making this image?

Now, you tell me the difference:








First published: 21.09.2010.

Written by Ivar

54 responses to “All kind of idol worshipers are Babylonians

  1. Jaganath means The Universal Lord. But what’s your problem with it? We Hindus use all sorts of marks on our foreheads, in our temples and entrances to our homes and almost everywhere in our daily lives. India was, is and will be a great civilization that has influenced hundreds of cultures worldwide, from the straits of Japan to Middle East, parts of Europe and the South America. So, if peoples of these lands adopted Indian or Hindu symbols and used them for whatever purpose, why are you jealous?

    So please quit being a part of the universal Babylonian religion. Follow the Bible, and become a child of the living God.

    Hahahaha….Follow the Bible and become a child of the living God? What do you expect us to follow: A book that is so full of hate and gory stories of mass destruction? Or Jesus Christ- a man who tells us to follow his father god, who was responsible for such mass destruction?

    Following your “living god” is no different from following people like Adolf Hitler, Ayatollah Khomeini or Saddam Hussain. They were also mass murderers who wiped out races and civilizations just like the god of your bible and the father of Jesus.

    As I said in my earlier comments- stop preaching violence and falsehood. The very fact that your knowledge about India, its people and their great Hindu culture is limited, is amply reflected by the fact that you’ve to quote unreliable sources such as the Wikipedia. In case you did not know, the Wikipedia is written by amateurs and can be edited by anyone with basic knowledge of computers.

    You should convert to Hinduism and that will help you find true peace and happiness like many other foreigners have found, both in India and outside. Suggest you visit the nearest centre of the International Society for Krsna Consciousness or ISKCON and get yourselves some books on our great Hindu traditions.

    • Dear Soumitra Dey.


      Thanks for a fresh comment, even though you do not answer my question.

      Jesus said: Bless your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you. If there anything wrong, with his ultimate message of love?

      The was a question about, why goddess Kali is putting her though out of her mouth. Can you please explain to us.

  2. Jesus Christ, as I said in my last comment, claims to be the son of a mass murderer. If your god’s massacre of people of Sodom, Gomorrah and Jericho were justified, then the gassing of thousands of Jews by Adolf Hitler is also justified. The Jews also did not conform to Adolf Hitler’s standards as did people of Sodom, Gomorrah and Jericho to standards of your god.

    Yes, the message of love, as you describe it is pathetic and wrong. In one breath, Jesus asks people to follow his father- a mass murderer and on the other hand he claims to be spreading love. This shows he is a two-faced cheat.

    Maha Kali sticks her tongue out of her head for many reasons- the first is to reveal her menacing face to her enemies. Secondly, Kali is known to spew fire from her mouth on demons. You cannot make an idol spewing fire so those who make such images usually show the mouth of Kali open and tongue stretched outside.

    In some places in India, you will find images of Kali that have blood on her face and tongue- or the blood of demons she killed.

    Coming back to your last post- one of your supporters, who also blogs about your twisted religion- states Kali has an ugly image. Admitted. But a cross, which is an instrument of execution- does not embody or signify any great artistic, aesthetic creation. And even worse, a cross with a body hanging on it makes an even uglier sight.

  3. Also dear sir, I understand your name might be Ivan, I truly appreciate your tactic of calling your Christian fiends to counter me, in your post about Kali and accidents. I too can follow the same tactic but I don’t need to. Because I have full confidence in what I write. You, on the other hand, seem unsure about your beliefs and writings and hence you require external help. So, please stop spreading hatred. Your blog is all about hate- hate for other religions and cultures. And you follow double standards, just like Jesus Christ- spread hatred and speak of love.

    • Dear Soumitra Dey


      You wrote:

      just like Jesus Christ- spread hatred and speak of love.

      My reply:

      You have to give me god examples from the life of Jesus. Please, at least one.

  4. The hell awaits those who do not follow Jesus…or words to that effect, which are enshrined in the bible. It’s similar to George W. Bush saying post 9-11, either you are with us or against us.

    • Dear Soumitra Dey


      You wrote:

      The hell awaits those who do not follow Jesus….

      My reply:

      Suppose this is right. Would it not be good, to be warned in advance. If this is not correct, why do you bother?

      If Krishna can not save you from Hell, what has he saved you from?

  5. Dear Sir or madam, you say: Suppose this is right. Which is a clear indicator that you are in doubt yourself.

    Nobody has ever visited mythical places like heaven or hell to return and speak about what exists there. Indeed, nobody can even claim with certainty they exist. Heaven and hell are mentioned only in religious texts.

    Also, you said you know about India and Hindus. Then you should also know that in Hinduism there is no concept of heaven or hell.

    So, why should I fear hell like your Catholics or Christians or whatever other names you call your religion by?

    When hell does not exist, where is the need for Sri Krishna to save me from hell? Can you visit Atlantis? No-simply because it does not exist and even if it did, it would be deep down in the Atlantic Ocean.

    I reiterate, you must visit the nearest ISKCON temple and get more knowledge about Hinduism. They are all over India, if you are here and in foreign countries as well.

    • Soumitra,

      Your comment; Dear Sir or madam, you say: Suppose this is right. Which is a clear indicator that you are in doubt yourself.

      My Comment: Ivar knows completely that there is a heave and a hell. He has no doubts, and neither do I. Have you ever seen a demon close up fact to face in the daylight? I’ll assume your answer is no. Where do you think such things come from? Hell. In case you want to ask why I’ve seen such things? Because Christ wants me to spread the message of love and the huge sacrifice he made to pay for our sins.

      By the way, demons can only flee at the name of Jesus Christ.

      I highly doubt Krishna can save you from anything.

      Romans 5:8 ES
      But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for

  6. HI Soumitra,

    Worshiping a idol is against God’s word.
    You don’t need to pray to a idol to enter the kingdom of God.
    All we need to do is ask Jesus into our hearts as our lord and savor and ask forgiveness of our sins. That’s the bottom line message of the bible. All the stories in the bible are awesome but there is one bottom line message and that’s eternal life with Jesus for those who really want it. Its as simple as that.

    Deuteronomy 4: 15 You saw no form of any kind the day the LORD spoke to you at Horeb out of the fire. Therefore watch yourselves very carefully, 16 so that you do not become corrupt and make for yourselves an idol, an image of any shape, whether formed like a man or a woman, 17 or like any animal on earth or any bird that flies in the air, 18 or like any creature that moves along the ground or any fish in the waters below.

    and the bible considers a idol as:

    Habakkuk 2: 18 “Of what value is an idol, since a man has carved it? Or an image that teaches lies? For he who makes it trusts in his own creation; he makes idols that cannot speak. 19 Woe to him who says to wood, ‘Come to life!’ Or to lifeless stone, ‘Wake up!’ Can it give guidance? It is covered with gold and silver; there is no breath in it.

  7. Dear Kedo, you are once again trying to sell your religion. Hindus also need to necessarily pray to idols. You can pray silently to Hindu gods as well. And please, for what should I ask forgiveness from your god or even accept him. Worshiping an idol may be against YOUR god’s words. But as I said before, it is permitted in Hinduism and several other religions. Hence, why are you trying to force your false beliefs on others?

    You quote verses from your bible, which is a violent book. Try reading the Srimad Bhagwad Geeta and you’ll find the truth.

  8. Sorry for my typing error. Please read the second sentence in my response as: Hindus also need not necessarily pray to idols. This concept of idol-less, formless god is enshrined in our Srmimad Bhagwad Geeta and the Puranas and Vedas.

  9. Hindu idols are used for everything. We use their images on fire crackers too and think no big deal about it. Will a Catholic or Christian put a Jesus image or cross on a fire cracker? So, if you can’t put a Jesus or cross image on a fire cracker, shows you are bigger idolators.

    • Dear Soumitra Dey

      Shalom, and thanks for this comment.

      Fascinating stuff.

      You wrote:

      Hindu idols are used for everything. We use their images on fire crackers too and think no big deal about it. Will a Catholic or Christian put a Jesus image or cross on a fire cracker? So, if you can’t put a Jesus or cross image on a fire cracker, shows you are bigger idolators.

      My reply:

      it might surprise you. Catholics who put an idol of Jesus on their crosses, are idol worshipers. A Christian will never do that. The Bible bans the very production of any kind of idols, either in the likeness of a male, or a female.

      In regards to Hindus putting the image of their gods on fire crackers, makes me wounder what the gods would feel about that.

      Burning their images?

      If your Gods permits you doing so, I guess they would not mind me doing the same?

  10. Sure. You can burn an idol of a Hindu god and yet receive no retribution for the same. Our gods don’t live in images or pictures…we use them merely as a focal point for our worship, if needed. The Srimad Bhagwad Geeta also says the same.

    But desecrate a cross and see what happens. The entire community will stage violent protests.

    OK, so Catholics are wrong and Christians are right. Now you are speaking of the deep differences in your own religion. As I said yesterday, Christianity has fragmented so badly and you prove me right. Each cult of Christianity claims they are right.

    Thankfully, we Hindus are united despite these centuries. There is only one Hinduism and that covers all Hindus..which is the beauty of this religion.

    Muslims have yet to determine whether Ali befits designation as a prophet and hundreds of lives are lost on Shia-Sunni clashes every year.

    Catholics and/or Christians have to decide which sect or cult is telling the truth. The Bible has become a commercial product, with each cult altering its verses to suit its needs.

    Dear sir, we don’t need to import religions or gods. We Hindus have our own god and religion and we are proud of it.

  11. I’m complying with your request to keep my posts short. Our Hindu gods live as a power. Images or idols etc are only used as a pictoral description. Yes, we do worship idols and pictures as a ritual. But there are no compulsions to do so. Thats the beauty of Hindu religion. It is not rigid like Christianity or whatever else name you may call it.

  12. Sir, you can just call me Mitro, my nickname or Metro, if you are a foreigner. Its easier that way rather than write my full name. Mitro means friend, in case you don’t know. In Sanskrit, the word is Mitra but in Bengal, we call it Mitro.

    • Dear Mitro.


      You wrote:

      Dear sir, we don’t need to import religions or gods. We Hindus have our own god and religion and we are proud of it.

      My reply:

      An Indian who believe in Jesus, is he an Indian, a Hindu or a foreigner?

    • Dear Mitro:


      Its is neither Catholics, nor “Christians” who decide what the Bible is saying. The Bible can speak for it self.

      Deuteronomy 4:15-17

      You saw no form of any kind the day the LORD spoke to you at Horeb out of the fire. Therefore watch yourselves very carefully, so that you do not become corrupt and make for yourselves an idol, an image of any shape, whether formed like a man or a woman, or like any animal on earth or any bird that flies in the air.

      (end of scripture).

      If you have a Catholic friend, you can always ask that person how the Pope in Rome has been able to misunderstand this verse.

      Obviously, I can not expect a Hindu to have this knowledge of the Bible. But many people in India are Christians. Not all Indians worship idols.

  13. As I said before, I have no quarrel with any religion. But I definitely have serious problems with people who try to impose their beliefs on others.

    If you think you have done an immense service to your beliefs by deriding other religions, you are wrong.

    I don’t need to ask the pope about any misinterpretations. That’s for you Catholics or Christians to do. If the pope answers you, fine. But I’m not interested in any such answers.

    I am content being a Hindu and proud to be an Indian, especially from the state of our beloved Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and Rabindranath Tagore.

  14. And you said right: We don’t need to waste our time on the bible, a rather violent book followed by an equally violent people.

    Thankfully I was born a Hindu.

  15. The bible is a account of events that have happened and events that will happen. The essence of the bible is prophecy which makes it stand out over any other book written. If it wasn’t for prophecy it would just be another book. It is renowned for prophecy coming true and you only need to read it to know that.
    And looking at the end time prophecy’s no one can deny that it looks like they are actually happening. People can argue all they want but read Daniel, Revelation and look at the world currently.

    • Dear Kedo.


      We who do read the Bible, can see, and we can understand. This World is lost, and its just a matter of time before wickedness, violence, sin, and all kind of non sense will fill the whole Planet.

      Paul warned us against horrible times in the last days. No one who is not washed in the blood of the Lamb will be able to overcome.

      The Global population has become slaves of sin. There are still pockets where there are true followers of Jesus to be found.

      On the day of the Rapture we will probably be so few, that hardly anybody will take notice.

  16. Its lunchtime for me, so I’ll be away for some time. Meanwhile you can think about our wonderful Hindu ways and Indian traditions or run a search on the Internet to find where the nearest ISKCON is located. They will definitely help dispel all the wrong knowledge you’ve got. And, as I said before, you need not fear anything. You will be welcomed respectfully and peacefully.

    • Dear Mitro.


      May you have a nice lunch.

      It is not polite to raise wild accusations against others, while not being willing to answer a simple question:

      Reincarnation, once again: Are you sure what kind of being your will return to Earth as?

      If you are not wiling to answer, please stay off line.

  17. Hahahaha Kedo, end time prophesies. They are a fiction. I’ve studied ALL religions and their texts and I read Revelations too. Maybe the world will end for you Catholics or Christians or whatever name you call your cult by. If you behave this way, your world will definitely end…because you will have ended. For me and other Hindus, the world will go on till we die.

    • Hi Soumitra,
      Your view on the bible is your decision and I respect that but you say end time prophecy is rubbish but will you accept a RFID GPS tracking chip in your Right hand or forehead? Remember this verse below is talking about the whole world and not just western society. No where in history has a system like that been available but it is now.

      The system is already set up for the man of sin to take over and mark everyone.

      And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
      17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

      Would you really risk getting one?

    • Dear Mitro.


      I have promised to invite your to my house. I am just awaiting Victoria’s reply. I will keep my promise. I might even come to Kolkata. I hope you will accept my invitation for a cup of coffee, lets say at CCD’s?

  18. Dear ivanfeld, I’m 100% confident of returning to the Earth either as a human being or some other living creature. Personally, I would love to return as a human being. But I have no problems being born as a bird or snake or fish or anything…even a worm is fine. Because I leave that decision to my god. Every animal or living creature, including plants and trees are here for a specific purpose. So, even if my god makes me a worm, I’ll know its for a purpose.

    I am not depending upon some other god to tell me I will go to a place which no person has seen and no human is qualified to talk about.

    I hope that answers your question about reincarnation.

    Can you guarantee me you are going to heaven? What if your bible is lying and you too might be reborn on this earth? Think.

    I’ll be having fish for my lunch. At least the fish served its life’s purpose by helping feed me. And while it was alive, it kept the lake clean by eating insect larva and whatever other stuff that fish eat. Look..every animal has a purpose in life. What’s yours???

    • Dear Mitro


      You wrote:

      Dear ivanfeld, I’m 100% confident of returning to the Earth either as a human being or some other living creature. Personally, I would love to return as a human being. But I have no problems being born as a bird or snake or fish or anything…even a worm is fine.

      My reply:

      Thanks for this reply:

      Please, I do not want to ridicule your faith, but:

      How can a good god, send a human being, created in his likeness, back to Earth as a worm?

      There are other living creatures, that I do not want to mention, that I hope and pray you will never return to Earth as.

      What about living forever in the Kingdom of Heaven?

      You have to admit, that this sounds like a better option and to crawl in the ground, eating dead flesh, as a worm?

  19. And my dear friend, it was you who first raised wild accusations against Hindus. Now you expect to be treated fairly?

    I guess I’ve treated you very fair. I told you my real name and location. In case you’ve forgotten, my name is Soumitra Dey. And I’m located in the beautiful megapolis Kolkata or Calcutta, the capital of Bengal..or West Bengal, as it is often called. I also told you my nickname and offered you the choice to use it.

    Do you have the courage to tell me yours???

  20. And to answer your other question: A person who believes in Jesus Christ can be an Indian or a foreigner. Belief in anything is a strictly personal choice. I have no quarrels with that. Again I repeat, I definitely have problems with people who try to defile other beliefs.

  21. OK, I’ll delay my lunch. Tell me Kedo, do you have a bank account? Surely you are on the Internet. Ever heard of Cookies??? You don’t need a GPS tracking device to know anybody’s location.

    Even a kid with some knowledge of computers can mine your information by planting cookies. Its a technology and like every hi-tech thing, it has its pros and cons.

    The wheel, when invented, was acclaimed as a science wonder since it helped people to travel, in ancient times. But wheels on automobiles and trains today kill people due to rash driving or any other reason.

    But we do use wheels daily don’t we? Similar with GPS technology. If you view it as some monster, its your problem.

    Hey guys..I’m truly hungry, so I’ll check out for awhile. Suggest you do the same, if you’ve not done so already…if its lunchtime wherever you are.

  22. Ivanfeld- And to answer your other question: Yes, I will keep my promise to meet you. You can get me on Facebook or email at

    Why a coffee, you will be an honored guest at my house, in line with true Hindu tradition. And don’t worry, we will NOT convert you or force you to pray to a Hindu god.

    I don’t know what is CCD, so you’ll need to tell me that. Maybe it’s not available here.

      • Dear Mitro.


        When you came back from lunch, I wanted this message to wait for you:

        You are right in saying that no Christian have experienced their own death, visited Heaven or Hell, and come back to tell the rest of us what it was like.

        This is why we call it faith. As a Christian, I always say Jesus is our hope. Without Him, there is no hope.

        Just like a Christian, you neither have experienced your death, nor your reincarnation. So this is your faith, and this is suppose to be your hope.

        But what a hope?

        To run the risk of coming back to earth as a worm, even telling us that you do not mind?

        Dear Bengali sister. In Jesus you can avoid returning to Earth as a worm, or what ever creepy animal you can think of. Give your life to Jesus today, tell Him to put His eternal promises into your heart.

        Please Do it.

        Let Him fill you with His Holy Spirit, and one day take you with Him. After you depart, you will be given a Heavenly body, and live in the Kingdom of love, good, compassion, light and plenty forever.


        Jesus is the eternal King of Kings, the Master and creator God.

        Please pray this prayer:

        - Dear Lord Jesus. I thank your for making me an Indian, born into a Hindu family. But today I have heard wonderful news. That you have died for my sins. Yes, I am a sinner. Please forgive me. I need you. Please cleanse me with the blood you have shed for me, and change me. From today onwards I will learn more about you and serve you. Amen.

  23. to ivanfelf: OK, I’m here once more to answer your questions. I said, I have no problems returning to the earth as a worm. I did not imply I would return as a worm.

    Even the bible says all creatures were created by a god. Similarly, we Hindus believe all creatures are indeed god’s gift to earth. And I see no harm in returning as a god’s gift to earth, even if it means I become a worm. Worms eat stuff that others don’t. And you know they have a firm position in the ecological system.

    So, even a worm has a definite purpose on earth with its life. There are other creatures too but you cannot have a complete earth without them. If so, why would your god have told Noah to build an ark and save the species?

    So, my dear friend, respect other animals too. Or maybe your bible doesn’t teach these values.

  24. Thanks. Yes, we do have Cafe Coffee Day out here. Indeed, quite a lot and they are expanding daily. Hahaha…we don’t need a GPS in Kolkata to find a Cafe Coffee Day….just turn in any major street and you’ll find one. If you are a coffee lover, we can go to the famous Coffee House on the College Street. This place serves as a meeting point for academics, politicos etc. Its an interesting place. And great coffee too.

  25. ivanfeld-From your discussions, you seem a decent person. In this spirit of decency, I take back any personal insults I may have flung in flurry of our discussion and offer my apologies for the same, in true Hindu spirit.

    But I repeat, please don’t try to force your views down the other’s throat. It will cause you immense disappointment and evoke reaction.

    Militancy and terrorism are born when one community tries to force the other to follow its ways. Hindus have never been a militant force or promoted terrorism. But if we are forced into such a situation, we will not hesitate to take up arms.

    For every person, his or her religion and faith are important. And you need to respect that, if you want others to respect yours. This has been the success of India where other nations pathetically failed. Even UK has riots between Christian cults. Israel is unable to find its true identity as a Jewish nation or the land of Christianity. Islam has several questions unanswered. But we don’t fling insults at them. Instead, we Hindus try to appreciate their differences and welcome them.

    And I believe, you too should do the same. Respect cannot be bought- it comes naturally, when you respect others.

  26. dear ivanfeld, no I will never say that prayer you recommend because I have no desires whatsoever to serve a foreign god. I am content following my religion.

    But I will definitely pray for you that you may see the path you are walking upon and decide for yourself. I did not hear any good news about your religion: All I heard was stupid arguments by people who had blinded themselves with some false hope and believe that attacking others will please their god. That includes your blog-site too, where you attack others.

    And once again I repeat, I have no regrets if I am indeed born a worm. I will thank my god for that.

    And hey…I’m NOT a Bangla (the right word for Bengali) sister. I’m a male.

    Hahaha…don’t change my gender. My god made me a man and I’m happy about it.

    • Dear Mitro.


      I am sorry for calling you my Bengali sister. But this is even better. Now, I have a Bangla brother….

  27. You felt I was a woman because of my name. That’s another clear indicator you are foreign. Any Indian would know the nomenclature of Bangla names and hence, my gender.

    For your information, Punjabi women use a male name first followed by Kaur, to denote her gender. But you don’t go and call a Punjabi woman Gurmeet, since that’s a male name.

    As I said before- understand India and Hinduism first before you write. And never criticize others, since it can bounce back upon you.

    • Soumitra Dey,

      You said:

      “As I said before- understand India and Hinduism first before you write. And never criticize others, since it can bounce back upon you.”

      You’ve done just as much, or even more criticism than Ivar and Gloria put together. I guess you are immune from your advice?

  28. The bible teaches us to worship the creator not the created like the sun, Moon, and another object that is man made or even made by God himself. The post wasnt bagging your religion it is pointing out the similarities to babylonian culture.
    You straight away said the post was pretty much rubbish but you cant deny the fact that they symbols are very similar. Babylonian symbols are all over the place in western society. Just look at the US dollar.

  29. Sir/Madam, I’ll repeat what I said before: India was, is and will be a great civilization. In the past, India has influenced many other cultures and civilizations, right from Japan to South America. The geographic location of Babylon is near and it was near the ancient Silk Route. Each civilization learns or adopts something from the other. For example, Indians never knew a pizza.

    So, if some 1000 years later, if a historian finds evidence of pizza in India, he would know, and rightly so, the Italians influenced Indian civilization. I see nothing wrong with that. The west loves Indian food and if somebody finds evidence of Rosogolla or Misti Doi in USA…they would be correct in stating India influenced Americans.

    But putting two separate issues togather is wrong. One cannot assume Indians always ate pizzas because ruins of a Pizza Hut were found. Nor should it be assumed that Rosogollas were the only sweets eaten by Americans because ruins of a Dasguptas was found.

    Facts have to be presented as they are without any embellishments.

  30. Also, you must learn to respect Indian and Hindu culture, because it’s unique and tolerant as compared to any other religion.

    Tell me, should we Hindus and Indians have denied asylum to Zoroastrians when they landed on our coasts after fleeing persecution by Nadir Shah of Iran? No, we did not turn them away. We welcomed them and gave them a place to stay and flourish. Evidence of this Hindu and Indian hospitality is the great business groups Godrej and Tata- who are both Parsi, as Zoroastrians are called, because they came from Pars region of Iran.

    Should we Hindus have stoned to death Gautam Buddha or Mahaveer Jain or Guru Gobind Singh? No, we did not. Instead, we accepted them as our people.

    Should Hindus have ganged up and burnt the houses of people who converted to Christianity? No, we did not. Instead, we allowed them to remain and practice their religion freely. That also allowed them to spread.

    Should we Hindus have also gassed Jews when they arrived here during the Holocast? No, definitely not. We Hindus helped these foreigners to assimilate in our society despite their strange ways and looks, to an extent that Indian Jews took up Hindu surnames and went away happily to Israel when the country opened its doors to Jewish migrants.

    India is perhaps the only nation under the Sun and Hindus the only religion that never persecuted Jews or any other religion.

    You need to read the Dreyfuss Affair- a true event- that occured in France to know that even a liberal society like the French were tormenting Jews.

    It is facts like these that make me and other Hindus in India and elsewhere proud of our culture, tradition and religion. Changing these would mean we end up hating the other.

    I suspect you are a Jew because you always use the Hebrew word Shalom, which means peace. So I suggest that you study Hinduism and India because you will find genuine peace in ages old teachings of our religion and culture.

    Your attack on Kali Mata yesterday was not necessary. It did not benefit you in any way and nor did it aggrandize the name of your religion- Catholicism or Christianity or whatever else.

    Instead of attacking others, I suggest you try and reconcile the differences in your own religion first. Because as I said before, Christianity is so fragmented that even Jesus Christ would weep at what a religion he founded has become today.

    So, live in peace and Namaste to you from Kolkata.

    • There’s evidences that Hindus persecuting against Christians in India.

      Matthew 7:15-20 (KJV)
      Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. [16] Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? [17] Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. [18] A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. [19] Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. [20] Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

      “ravening” means Adjective: ravening
      Living by preying on other animals especially by catching living prey • ravening wolves
      = predatory, rapacious, raptorial, vulturine, vulturous
      ≈ aggressive.

      The true colours of Hindus are indeedly blinded by Satan who inspires them to attack the Christians. Good tree cannot produce bad fruits. That’s how Hindus are like appearing as friendly towards you but their inners are like roaring and desires to kill the Christians. True Christians are not doing violence against another religious but rather rebuke / warns them to repent and accepts Jesus Christ as their Saviour. And Jesus commands us to love another person. Love is the non-violence and displays gentle towards anyone – it’s true fruits of Christians who also bless and prays for Israeli people.

  31. You keep putting violence and the bible together. The bible is a history book and yep there was wars and persecution but no where in the bible did Jesus say violence is a good thing? no where.
    He condemned violence but radical Christians out there over the years gave the bible a bad name where they would preach the word of God then do bad things like the Nights Templar for example.
    Were they really Christians.. in my opinion probably not but like most wars today they always say its a “Holy War” when 99% of the time religion really has nothing to do with it. The bible, Koran and most religious books teach peace. So to say the bible teaches violence is a pretty full on statement.

    • Dear Kedo


      You wrote:

      He condemned violence but radical Christians out there over the years gave the bible a bad name where they would preach the word of God then do bad things like the Nights Templar for example.

      My comment:

      Radical Christians? People who do not obey Jesus, are not “Radical Christians”. They are false “Christians”. If not, anything will be permissible.

      Lets take a look at one of many warnings, from the Master Him self.

      Matthew 7:21-23

      “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’

      Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

      Evil doers, or lawless men claiming to know Jesus, will NOT enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

      (end of scripture)

      Jesus does not permit violence. That is the end of the matter.

  32. Hi ivarfjeld,
    The comment i made about radical Christians are guys like the pastor that burnt the Koran, I believe he is saved but as we all know Satan uses Anger, Frustration, Hate to change people. I bet that pastor in his heart feels bad about burning the books but only he and God really know.
    People need to step back and use wisdom instead of impulse actions.
    Considering it looks like we are in the end times Satan will try to bring Christians down any way he can. And I agree with your comments.

    • Dear Kedo.


      And I agree with this comment. I feel that the Florida Pastor was frustrated, and He was wrong. And the best part. He never burnt those Koran’s.

  33. Hi Soumitra, Ivarfjeld, and all:

    Shalom (peace and wholeness) to you all.

    Soumitra, I have wanted to read your holy book, as I have read good things about it from a friend, a podcaster who studied the Bhagwad Geeta for years. He said that he loved talking with the holy men, how they reminded him of so many similarities to our bible.

    Soumitra, I have online friends in India, but I would have to find out what area they are in. The area escapes my mind for now.

    I do see similarities in many of these religions and their symbols. I, for the record, follow Yeshua (Jesus) but do not celebrate Christmas or Easter, as I believe it to be from other traditions that have nothing to do with the birth and resurrection of our messiah.

    I love to talk about beliefs with others and have enjoyed reading the conversation here. I have surfed in by accident, I was reading the link that was posted from a friend on Facebook.

    Have a great day, all you guys (and yes, I assumed all of you were guys, by the names…I am a woman, in the U.S. by the way, if you were wondering)…lol.

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