Posted on January 27, 2011

U.S. Ends Restrictions on Weapons Exports to India

The United States on Jan. 25 said it was ending export restrictions for India’s defense and space industries, eyeing trade with a nation shunned for more than a decade over its nuclear weapons program. “These actions will open important new opportunities for our companies and governments on cooperating in the defense and space areas,” said … Continue reading

Holocaust Memorial Day today.

Greetings. Today is Holocaust Memorial Day, and I remember my father’s parents who survived despite everything, giving me my very life as well as an example to follow. Below is a short video about an initiative led by A Christian Organization to help some of the Holocaust survivors who live in Israel, many of whom … Continue reading

“Please, Allah, kill all the Jews”

Richard Millett watched a new two-hour anti-Israel documentary claiming that Israel targeted children in Gaza. The film is now being shown on college campuses. It included this lovely clip: Allah is the greatest. He who thanks Allah will be rewarded. Oh Allah, loosen your power and strength on the Jews. (Amen.) Please Allah, kill them … Continue reading

“Days of rage” rock Egypt, Lebanon

Protesters in Egypt and Lebanon have proclaimed today a “day of rage” with Lebanese Sunnis protesting against the nomination of the new prime minister, and Egyptians protesting against the Mubarak government. The situations in Egypt and Lebanon have very, very little in common, if anything at all. Hezbollah with a backing of Syria engineered a … Continue reading